100.Which of the following the best description of the : 1200636

  100.Which of the following the best description of the : 1200636.


  100.Which of the following is the best description of the way Vygotsky would interpret this event?

a.Esteban individually constructed his knowledge, whereas Pepe’s knowledge was socially constructed.

b.Learning for both Esteban and Pepe occurred within the context of a social situation.

c.Esteban was at equilibrium, but Pepe’s equilibrium was disrupted when Esteban told him he was stacking the tomatoes incorrectly.

d.Esteban was guided by a more knowledgeable other—his father—but Pepe didn’t receive guidance from a more knowledgeable other.

  101.Which of the following conclusions is the most valid conclusion about the task of learning to stack tomatoes and Esteban’s and Pepe’s zones of proximal development?

a.The task was within Esteban’s zone of proximal development, but it was beyond Pepe’s zone.

b.The task was within Pepe’s zone of proximal development, but it was below Esteban’s zone.

c.The task was below both boys’ zones of proximal development.

d.The task was within both boys’ zones of proximal development.

  102.According to Vygotsky, of the following, the best description of what occurred when the boys incorporated their father’s directions into their own individual understanding is:





  103.The term primacita, which the boys’ father used to represent the process of correctly stacking the tomatoes is best described as:

a.an internal structure.

b.a form of scaffolding.

c.an example of development.

d.a cognitive tool.

  104.Of the following, which would Vygotsky interpret is the best example of development?

a.Esteban and Pepe learning the meaning of the term primacita

b.The boys watching their father show them how to correctly stack tomatoes

c.Esteban showing Pepe how to correctly stack tomatoes

d.The boys’ father emphasizing that they needed to be careful

  105.Which of the following best describes the scaffolding provided in the event?

a.Esteban’s father provided scaffolding for Esteban but not for Pepe.

b.Esteban’s father provided scaffolding for Pepe but not for Esteban.

c.Esteban received no scaffolding, but he provided scaffolding for Pepe.

d.Esteban’s father provided scaffolding for both boys.

  106.After helping her students understand the concept equivalent fraction, a fourth-grade teacher shows her students how they can use that knowledge to determine how they can share the cost of a pizza that is cut into different-sized slices. Which one of the following ideas from Vygotsky’s theory does this scenario best illustrate?

a.Acquiring cognitive tools helps people function effectively in a culture.

b.Self-talk gradually evolves into inner speech over time.

cThought and language become interdependent as development advances.

d.Children develop more fully when tasks are in their zones of proximal development.

  107.Of the following, which teacher is best applying the idea that cognitive tools help people think, solve problems, and function effectively in a culture?

a.Mr. Lincoln tells his students that they have done so well that they can talk quietly among themselves for the last 10 minutes of the period.

b.Mrs. Sanchez shows her second graders how they can represent their favorite color of jellybean on a bar graph so they can more easily understand their preferences.

c.Mr. Brush demonstrates how to execute a corner kick in soccer.

d.Ms. Yudin begins each of her lessons with a demonstration that arouses the students’ curiosity, so they will pay better attention during the lesson.


  108.Alana is having trouble learning how to follow the steps involved in creating macros to make her word processing more efficient. Of the following, which suggestion is most nearly consistent with what Vygotsky would suggest when people are working on difficult tasks?

a.Have someone explain why each step is important.

b.Talk herself through each of the steps.

c.Write the steps down and practice each several times.

d.Reread the manual that describes how to create macros.

  109.Which one of the following best illustrates a student working in his or her zone of proximal development?

a.Logan, a ninth grader, uses correct grammar and punctuation when he writes persuasive essays.

b.Maya is practicing her serve in tennis. She watched a video that illustrated the correct technique, and she is now attempting to perfect the technique so it will be more effective when she plays.

c.Seth has trouble balancing chemical equations. His teacher sat with him and offered assistance, but he was still unable to do it. “I just don’t get it,” he comments.

d.Sophie is learning to create certain effects with her PowerPoint slides. She can create the effects she wants when her instructor sits with her, but she has trouble on her own.

  110.Of the following, which teacher is providing the least amount of scaffolding?

a.Ms. Page takes her kindergarteners on a field trip to the zoo, and when they return, she asks them to describe some of the animals they saw.

b.Mr. Evans demonstrates how to shoot a jump shot in basketball, and he then critiques his players’ shooting techniques as they practice.

c.Ms. Williams gives her students a set of questions to ask themselves as they work on word problems in math and then asks them to describe which step they are on as they solve word problems during seat work.

d.Mrs. Reynolds gives her students a graphic organizer to use when they analyze a story.



  100.Which of the following the best description of the : 1200636

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