106.  Thinkers who concerned only with how some activity : 1200654

  106.  Thinkers who concerned only with how some activity : 1200654.


  106.  Thinkers who are concerned only with how some activity would affect them and would be unable to consider how the event might affect others would be best described as:



c.post conventional.



  107.  We’ve heard of the moral ethic “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.”  This notion best fits Kohlberg’s stage of:

a.punishment and obedience.

b.market exchange.

c.interpersonal harmony.

d.law and order.


  108.  Sharon feels it’s right to share with Kathy because Kathy shares with her, but she doesn’t want to share with Judy, Heather, and Cheryle as well.  Of the following, which best describes the stage of moral development at which Sharon is thinking?

a.Punishment and obedience

b.Market exchange

c.Interpersonal harmony

d.Law and order


  109.  Ken, 14, in an incident of vandalism, breaks a window in an abandoned warehouse.  “I can’t believe I did that,” he reacts later. “I don’t know what I thought I was getting out of it.  It wasn’t even fun.  I’ll never do that again.” In the absence of any other information, we would describe Ken as being at which ethical stage?

a.Market exchange

b.Interpersonal harmony

c.Law and order

d.Social contract


  110.  “I have an absolute rule that is inviolable in my class,” an eighth-grade English teacher comments to a colleague. “They may not say or do anything to hurt one of their classmate’s feelings.  Kids need to feel safe, or they won’t be willing to speak up.”  If we view this as an ethical matter, the English teacher is operating at which moral stage?

a.Punishment and obedience

b.Market exchange

c.Interpersonal harmony

d.Social contract


  111.  Consider the example of a person who picks up a beer “for the road” in spite of an “Open Container Law” (a law prohibiting open containers of alcohol in motor vehicles).  He no longer does this when his kids are along.  “I don’t think it’s a good idea any more,” he concludes.  “I don’t want to set a bad example for the kids.”  His reasoning in this case would best be described as being at what stage?

a.Punishment and obedience

b.Market exchange

c.Interpersonal harmony

d.Social contract


  112.  You’ve found that a student is reasoning at Kohlberg’s Stage 3, and you want to deter him from inappropriate behavior.  Using Kohlberg’s work as a basis, which of the following would be the best way to handle an incident?

a.Punish the behavior.

b.Suggest that if he will refrain from the behavior for a certain period, he will receive a reward.

c.Ask if his friends encourage or tolerate such behavior.

d.Discuss with him what kind of a chaotic society we would live in if people behaved the way he did.




  113.  Jon, while with Bill and Ken, steals a canned soft drink in a convenience store after school, but he sincerely regrets it when the incident is revealed in a conversation with his parents, and they appear very hurt over the incident.  In the absence of any further information, which of the following best describes the stage of moral development at which Jon is reasoning?

a.Punishment and obedience

b.Market exchange

c.Interpersonal harmony

d.Law and order


  114.  A teacher says the roles we establish are agreements that we make that are good and fair for all students, and therefore we must honor them. Which of Kohlberg’s stages does this best illustrate?

a.Social contract

b.Market exchange

c.Interpersonal harmony

d.Law and order


  115.  Billy gives Cal a candy bar in return for a comic book.  If Billy were at Kohlberg’s Stage 3, he would view the behavior as “ethical” if it was:

a.generally good for humanity.

b.rewarding for him.

c.rewarding for both him and Cal.

d.what he thought was expected of him




  106.  Thinkers who concerned only with how some activity : 1200654

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