109.In using the study strategy SQ3R, the final R : 1200734

    109.In using the study strategy SQ3R, the final R : 1200734.


    109.In using the study strategy SQ3R, the final R stands for:






   110.The study strategy that specifically identifies summarizing as one of its steps is:

a.reciprocal teaching.

b.spatial representations.


d.elaborative questioning.


  111.Mr. Small wants his students to learn to take effective and meaningful notes on their own. Of the following, the best way to help them in this process would be to

a.tell them to listen to important points in the lecture and take notes on those points.

b.remind them to take comprehensive notes and then review them later.

c.provide a way for them to organize information, such as a matrix.

d.tell them at different points in the presentation that they should be writing the information down in their notes.


Use the following case study to answer items 112 and 113.


Four students are discussing the use of highlighting as a strategy for making reading from their textbooks more meaningful.

“I highlight the first sentence of nearly every paragraph, because that’s supposed to be the topic sentence,” Karen comments.  “Then I return later and focus on them.”

“I highlight passages that I think are important,” Joanne adds.  “I look for key terms, examples, and statements that connect different topics. I try not to highlight too much.”

“I highlight practically whole chapters,” Brad counters.  “I read along with it as I’m highlighting.  I think it helps.”

“I highlight a lot too,” Tiffany adds. “If I highlight, then I don’t have to read it so carefully, and I can listen to music while I study.”





  112.  Based on the information in the example, the student whose strategy is likely to be most effective is:






  113.Based on the information in the example, the student whose strategy is likely to be least effective is:






  114.  LaTeisha doesn’t like world history particularly well, but she has developed a strategy to help her understand the content.  She looks over the reading assignment and develops a series of questions about the information she will read in depth.  As she reads, she then answers the questions she originally prepared.  LaTeisha’s strategy most closely relates to which of the following?


b.Note taking




    115.Of the following, which is the best description of critical thinking?

a.The ability to reflect on a tangible or intangible item in order to form a judgment

b.The ability to use discernment, analysis, and evaluation in thinking

c.The ability and inclination to use all the senses in gathering and organizing information

d.The ability and inclination to make and assess conclusions based on evidence


  116.Jalen has very strong political ideas, and he frequently cites evidence that supports his ideas. When his friend, Damon, offers evidence that contradicts his ideas, he tends to dismiss what Damon has to say, and cites the evidence supporting his ideas as the reason for dismissing Damon’s evidence. Which of the following best describes the tendencies in Jalen’s thinking?

a.Critical thinking


c.Strategic learning

d.Belief preservation


  117.  Nick believes in the tooth fairy.  His friend, Joe, gives him a convincing, logical argument asserting that his parents are really the tooth fairy.  If Nick’s behavior is consistent with most learners’ behaviors, he will be likely to:

a.conclude that Joe is correct.

b.retain his belief in the tooth fairy.

c.question his belief in the tooth fairy

d.gather contradictory evidence.












Use the following example for items 118 and 119.


Ms. Wang is working on simplifying arithmetic expressions with her pre-algebra class.  She has explained the rule for simplifying expressions, has demonstrated the process, and has had the students work two examples.  She now displays the following problem for her students:


4 + 9(6) –  6 + 8/2


  118.  Of the following, the question that requires the most critical thinking on the part of students would be:

a.“Why do we multiply 9 by 6 before we add the 4?

b.“Now, what is the first step we take to solve the problem?”

c.“What is the answer to this problem?”

d.“What does the problem tell us to do?”



  119.  Of the following, the question that least promotes critical thinking in the students would be:

a.“How would the solution be affected if the sign between the 6 and 8 were an “x” instead of a “+”?”

b.“Now, what is the first step we take to solve the problem?”

c.“How is this problem like the last one we did?”

d.“What do we get when we add 4 to 6 times 9?”




    109.In using the study strategy SQ3R, the final R : 1200734

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