11. A 14-year-old boy seems to be always eating, although : 1361499

11. A 14-year-old boy seems to be always eating, although : 1361499.


11. A 14-year-old boy seems to be always eating, although his weight is appropriate for his height. What is the best explanation for this?

a. This is normal because of increase in body mass.

b. This is abnormal and suggestive of future obesity.

c. His caloric intake would have to be excessive.

d. He is substituting food for unfilled needs.

12. Which predisposes the adolescent to feel an increased need for sleep?

a. An inadequate diet

b. Rapid physical growth

c. Decreased activity that contributes to a feeling of fatigue

d. The lack of ambition typical of this age group

13. The most common cause of death in the adolescent age group involves:

a. drownings.

b. firearms.

c. drug overdoses.

d. motor vehicles.

14. A young adolescent boy tells the nurse he “feels gawky.” The nurse should explain that this occurs in adolescents because of:

a. growth of the extremities and neck precedes growth in other areas.

b. growth is in the trunk and chest.

c. the hip and chest breadth increases.

d. the growth spurt occurs earlier in boys than it does in girls.

15. A nurse is reviewing hormone changes that occur during adolescence. The hormone that is responsible for the growth of beard, mustache, and body hair in the male is:

a. estrogen.

b. pituitary.

c. androgen.

d. progesterone.

16. A nurse is caring for an adolescent hospitalized for cellulitis. The nurse notes that the adolescent experiences many “mood swings” throughout the day. The nurse interprets this behavior as:

a. requiring a referral to a mental health counselor.

b. requiring some further lab testing.

c. normal behavior.

d. related to feelings of depression.

17. A nurse is conducting parenting classes for parents of adolescents. Which parenting style should the nurse recommend?

a. Laissez-faire

b. Authoritative

c. Disciplinarian

d. Confrontational

18. A 14-year-old adolescent never had chickenpox as a child. Which should the nurse recommend?

a. One dose of the varicella vaccination

b. Two doses of the varicella vaccination 4 weeks apart

c. One dose of the varicella immune globulin

d. No vaccinations—the child is past the age to receive it


1. A 13-year-old is being seen in the clinic for a routine health check. The adolescent has not been in the clinic for 3 years but was up to date on immunizations at that time. Which immunizations should the adolescent receive? (Select all that apply.)

a. DTaP (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis)

b. MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)

c. Hepatitis B

d. Influenza

e. MCV4 (meningococcal)

2. The nurse should teach the adolescent that the long-term effects of tanning can cause which conditions? (Select all that apply.)

a. Phototoxic reactions

b. Increased number of moles

c. Premature aging

d. Striae

e. Increased risk of skin cancer

3. Which screening tests should the school nurse perform for the adolescent? (Select all that apply.)

a. Glucose

b. Vision

c. Hearing

d. Cholesterol

e. Scoliosis


1. The estimated average requirement of calcium for an adolescent is _____ milligrams. (Record your answer in a whole number.)


1. Place in order the sequence of maturational changes for girls. Begin with the first change seen, sequencing to the last change. Provide answer in using lowercase letters, separated by commas (e.g.,  a, b, c, d, e).

a. Growth of pubic hair

b. Rapid increase in height and weight

c. Breast changes

d. Menstruation

e. Appearance of axillary hair



11. A 14-year-old boy seems to be always eating, although : 1361499

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