11. A nurse taking a history a low-income Hispanic toddler. : 1361457

11. A nurse taking a history a low-income Hispanic toddler. : 1361457.


11. A nurse is taking a history on a low-income Hispanic toddler. The parent tells the nurse that occasional diarrhea is treated with azogue, a mercury compound commonly used in the parent’s native Mexico. What should the nurse recognize about this remedy?

a. It is harmless.

b. It is dangerous.

c. It has a scientific basis.

d. It has importance in certain religious practices.

12. The nurse discovers welts on the back of a Vietnamese child during a home health visit. The child’s mother says she has rubbed the edge of a coin on her child’s oiled skin. What explanation should the nurse recognize about this?

a. Child abuse

b. Cultural practice to rid the body of disease

c. Cultural practice to treat enuresis or temper tantrums

d. Child discipline measure common in the Vietnamese culture

13. The father of a hospitalized child tells the nurse, “He can’t have meat. We are Buddhist and vegetarians.” The nurse’s best intervention is to:

a. order the child a meatless tray.

b. ask a Buddhist priest to visit.

c. explain that hospital patients are exempt from dietary rules.

d. help the parent understand that meat provides protein needed for healing.

14. In which cultural group is good health considered to be a balance between yin and yang?

a. Asians

b. Australian aborigines

c. Native Americans

d. African-Americans

15. A young child from Mexico is hospitalized for a serious illness. The father tells the nurse that the child is being punished by God for being bad. The nurse should recognize that this is a(n):

a. health belief common in this culture.

b. early indication of potential child abuse.

c. misunderstanding of the family’s common beliefs.

d. belief common when fortune tellers have been used.


1. Children are taught the values of their culture through observation and feedback, relative to their own behavior. In teaching a class on cultural competence, the nurse should be aware that which factor(s) may be culturally determined? (Select all that apply.)

a. Degree of competition

b. Racial variation

c. Determination of status

d. Social roles

e. Geographic boundaries

2. Research is being done on the development of assets in children. A community that is supportive of children has which external assets? (Select all that apply.)

a. Unstructured environments to allow for freedom of choice

b. Social competencies to make positive choices

c. Empowerment to feel safe and secure

d. Positive values to direct choice

e. Boundaries to set expectations and actions

3. A nurse is planning care for a Spanish-speaking child and family. The nurse speaks limited Spanish. Which interventions should the nurse plan when caring for this child and family? (Select all that apply.)

a. Ask a visitor to interpret.

b. Use a language-line telephone interpreter if a hospital interpreter is not available.

c. Use written cards with common phrases in the Spanish language.

d. Ask the family to provide an interpreter.

e. When using a hospital interpreter, speak to the family not the interpreter.

4. A nurse is working in a clinic that serves a culturally diverse population of children. The nurse should plan care, understanding that which complementary and alternative practices may be used by families of this diverse population? (Select all that apply.)

a. Seeking another doctor’s opinion

b. Seeking advice from a curandero or curandera

c. Using acupuncture or acupressure as a therapy

d. Consulting an herbalist

e. Consulting a kahuna

5. A nurse is caring for an African-American child recently admitted to the hospital. The nurse should be aware of which broad cultural characteristics for this child when planning care? (Select all that apply.)

a. Silence may indicate a lack of trust.

b. Maintaining constant eye contact may be viewed as aggressive.

c. Self-care and folk medicine do not play a role in healthcare.

d. Illness may be seen as the “will of God.”

e. No importance is attached to nonverbal behavior.


1. Poverty has serious implications for children and families. Social and cultural deprivation, including limited employment opportunities, inferior educational opportunities, inferior or no access to health care, and a lack of public services, is referred to as the _______________ type of poverty.

2. A parent of a 12-year-old child states to the nurse, “My 12-year-old watches TV constantly while at home—is this OK?” The nurse should recommend to the parent that television viewing should be limited to _____ hours a day? (Record your answer in a whole number.)



11. A nurse taking a history a low-income Hispanic toddler. : 1361457

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