11. A parent reports to the nurse that her child has : 1361494

11. A parent reports to the nurse that her child has : 1361494.


11. A parent reports to the nurse that her child has inflamed conjunctivae of both eyes with purulent drainage and crusting of the eyelids, especially on awakening. These manifestations suggest:

a.viral conjunctivitis.

b.allergic conjunctivitis.

c.bacterial conjunctivitis.

d.conjunctivitis caused by foreign body.

12. Which is an important nursing consideration when caring for a child with herpetic gingivostomatitis (HGS)?

a.Apply topical anesthetics before eating.

b.Drink from a cup, not a straw.

c.Wait to brush teeth until lesions are sufficiently healed.

d.Explain to parents how this is sexually transmitted.

13. A parent has asked the nurse about how her child can be tested for pinworms. The nurse responds by stating that which is the most common test for diagnosing pinworms in a child?

a.Lower gastrointestinal (GI) series

b.Three stool specimens, at intervals of 4 days

c.Observation for presence of worms after child defecates

d.Laboratory examination of a fecal smear

14. The nurse suspects that a child has ingested some type of poison. Which clinical manifestation would be most suggestive that the poison was a corrosive product?



c.Stupor, lethargy, coma

d.Edema of lips, tongue, pharynx

15. A young boy is found squirting lighter fluid into his mouth. His father calls the emergency department. The nurse taking the call should know that the primary danger is which result?

a.Hepatic dysfunction

b.Dehydration secondary to vomiting

c.Esophageal stricture and shock

d.Bronchitis and chemical pneumonia

16. Which is a clinical manifestation of acetaminophen poisoning?


b.Hepatic involvement

c.Severe burning pain in stomach

d.Drooling and inability to clear secretions

17. Acute salicylate (ASA, aspirin) poisoning results in:

a.chemical pneumonitis.

b.hepatic damage.

c.retractions and grunting.

d.disorientation and loss of consciousness.

18. A young child has just arrived at the emergency department after ingestion of aspirin at home. The practitioner has ordered activated charcoal. The nurse administers charcoal in which way?

a.Administer through a nasogastric tube because the child will not drink it because of the taste.

b.Serve in a clear plastic cup so the child can see how much has been drunk.

c.Give half of the solution, and then give the other half in 1 hour.

d.Serve in an opaque container with a straw.

19. Which is the most frequent source of acute childhood lead poisoning?

a.Folk remedies

b.Unglazed pottery

c.Lead-based paint

d.Cigarette butts and ashes

20. Chelation therapy for lead poisoning is initiated when a child’s blood level is _____ g/dl.

a.10 to 14

b.15 to 19

c.20 to 44




11. A parent reports to the nurse that her child has : 1361494

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