11.Antonio’s understanding of the concept canine represented by his images : 1200739

11.Antonio’s understanding of the concept canine represented by his images : 1200739.


11.Antonio’s understanding of the concept canine is represented by his images of a dog, wolf, and coyote, which he has stored in his memory. His understanding of the concept canine is best explained by:

a.rule-driven theories of concept learning.

b.prototype theories of concept learning.

c.exemplar theories of concept learning.

d.social cognitive theories of concept learning.


12.When teaching a concept, teachers should present “nonexamples” in order to help students avoid:

a.irrelevant attributes.

b.negative instances.




13.We know that using “good” examples is critical in concept learning. Which of the following is the best description of what makes a “good example” a “good one”?

a.The examples are in pictures rather than words.

b.The examples are something the students have had experience with.

c.The characteristics of the concept are observable in the example.

d.The examples are something that arouses emotion.


14.According to your text, which of the following statements is consistent with the effective teaching of concepts?

a.Direct instruction of a concept’s characteristics is the most critical component of teaching concepts.

b.Providing learners a prototype of a concept will best allow them to transfer to new instances.

c.Presenting examples as well as nonexamples of concepts best facilitates transfer to new instances.

d.Allowing learners to generate their own understanding of the characteristics of a concept will best facilitate transfer.



15.Mrs. Evans is teaching her students about gerunds and participles and has presented a series of examples of each.  She then gives them exercises where they identify the underlined word as a gerund or participle in sentences such as the following:

Swimming is a very good form of exercises.

Look at the swimming girl.

For successful students, the complex cognitive process the students are involved in is best described as:

a.concept learning.

b.problem solving.


d.strategic learning.


Use the following information for items 16–21.


Four teachers are teaching the concept adjective to their students.

Mrs. Vargas writes the words big, small, pretty, and happy on the board, and she then says, “All these words describe, or modify, nouns, so we call them, ‘adjectives.’” She then has the students offer some additional examples of words that they believe are adjectives.

Mr. Jordan has the students offer examples of words they believe are adjectives, and makes comments, such as “Yes, good example,” when a students offers a word, such as large, and he then follows up by saying, “Now use the word in a sentence.” He provides corrective feedback when the students offer an example of any other part of speech.

Mrs. King gives the students the definition, “Adjectives are parts of speech used to describe, modify, or limit nouns,” and then says, “For instance, in the sentence, ‘Alfred took the sharp scissors up to the teacher,’ the word sharp tells us about, or describes, scissors.” She then gives the students some additional words, such as small, new, high, and openly, having them classify small, new, and high as adjectives and openly as an adverb.

Mr. Lanier, presents the students with a short passage:

Joe was working on a tough experiment. As he worked, his lab partner, Karen, designed a new process to use running water to try to carefully solve some of their worst problems. Her strategy was very effective, and they were both excited about the results.

Mr. Lanier has the students look at the words tough, lab, new, running, worst, and effective, and with his guidance and discussion, they conclude that they all modify nouns.


16.Which of the following is a characteristic of the concept adjective?

a.Part of speech

b.Sharp scissors


d.Modify nouns


17.Based on the most prominent theories of concept learning, which of the following is the best explanation for the way learners are most likely to learn the concept adjective?

a.They construct the concept based on forming a prototype for adjectives, such as the word beautiful.

b.They form the concept adjective based on being reinforced for correctly identifying examples of adjectives.

c.They construct the concept based on the well-defined rule for classifying adjectives.

d.They identify examples based on imitating teachers as teachers model classifying adjectives in sample sentences.


18.The teacher who most effectively taught the concept was:

a.Mrs. Vargas.

b.Mr. Jordan.

c.Mrs. King.

d.Mr. Lanier.


19.The teacher who least effectively taught the concept was:

a.Mrs. Vargas.

b.Mr. Jordan.

c.Mrs. King.

d.Mr. Lanier.


20.Of the following, to understand the concept adjective most effectively, which would be the most important nonexample?








11.Antonio’s understanding of the concept canine represented by his images : 1200739

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