11. By which age should the nurse expect that most : 1361492

11. By which age should the nurse expect that most : 1361492.


11. By which age should the nurse expect that most children could obey prepositional phrases such as “under,” “on top of,” “beside,” and “behind”?

a. 18 months

b. 24 months

c. 3 years

d. 4 years

12. Which is a useful skill that the nurse should expect a 5-year-old child to be able to master?

a. Tie shoelaces.

b. Use knife to cut meat.

c. Hammer a nail.

d. Make change out of a quarter.

13. The nurse is guiding parents in selecting a daycare facility for their child. Which is especially important to consider when making the selection?

a. Structured learning environment

b. Socioeconomic status of children

c. Cultural similarities of children

d. Teachers knowledgeable about development

14. Parents tell the nurse that they found their 3-year-old daughter and a male cousin of the same age inspecting each other closely as they used the bathroom. Which is the most appropriate recommendation the nurse should make?

a. Punish children so this behavior stops.

b. Neither condone nor condemn the curiosity.

c. Allow children unrestricted permission to satisfy this curiosity.

d. Get counseling for this unusual and dangerous behavior.

15. The parent of a 4-year-old boy tells the nurse that the child believes that monsters and boogeymen are in his bedroom at night. The nurse’s best suggestion for coping with this problem is to:

a. let the child sleep with his parents.

b. keep a night-light on in the child’s bedroom.

c. help the child understand that these fears are illogical.

d. tell the child frequently that monsters and boogeymen do not exist.

16. Preschoolers’ fears can best be dealt with by which intervention?

a. Actively involving them in finding practical methods to deal with the frightening experience

b. Forcing them to confront the frightening object or experience in the presence of their parents

c. Using logical persuasion to explain away their fears and help them recognize how unrealistic the fears are

d. Ridiculing their fears so that they understand that there is no need to be afraid

17. Which accurately describes the speech of the preschool child?

a. Dysfluency in speech patterns is normal.

b. Sentence structure and grammatic usage are limited.

c. By age 5 years, child can be expected to have a vocabulary of about 1000 words.

d. Rate of vocabulary acquisition keeps pace with the degree of comprehension of speech.

18. A nurse is teaching parents about language development for preschool children. Which dysfunctional speech pattern is a normal characteristic the parents might expect?

a. Lisp

b. Stammering

c. Echolalia

d. Repetition without meaning

19. During the preschool period, injury prevention efforts should emphasize:

a. constant vigilance and protection.

b. punishment for unsafe behaviors.

c. education for safety and potential hazards.

d. limitation of physical activities.

20. Parents are concerned that their child is showing aggressive behaviors. Which suggestion should the nurse make to the parents?

a. Supervise television viewing.

b. Ignore the behavior.

c. Punish the child for the behavior.

d. Accept the behavior if the child is male.

21. Which snack should the nurse recommend parents offer to their slightly overweight preschool child?

a. Carbonated beverage

b. 10% fruit juice

c. Low fat chocolate milk

d. Whole milk


1. In terms of language and cognitive development, a 4-year-old child would be expected to have which traits? (Select all that apply.)

a. Think in abstract terms.

b. Follow directional commands.

c. Understand conservation of matter.

d. Use sentences of eight words.

e. Tell exaggerated stories.

f. Comprehend another person’s perspective.

2. Which toys should a nurse provide to promote imaginative play for a 3-year-old hospitalized child? (Select all that apply.)

a. Plastic telephone

b. Hand puppets

c. Jigsaw puzzle (100 pieces)

d. Farm animals and equipment

e. Jump rope


1. The recommendation for calcium for children 1 to 3 years of age is _____ milligrams. (Record your answer in a whole number.)



11. By which age should the nurse expect that most : 1361492

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