11. Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) diagnosed in a 6-month-old infant. : 1361486

11. Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) diagnosed in a 6-month-old infant. : 1361486.


11. Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) is diagnosed in a 6-month-old infant. Which should the nurse recommend as a substitute formula?

a. Nutramigen

b. Goat’s milk

c. Similac

d. Enfamil

12. A nurse is teaching parents about prevention and treatment of colic. Which should the nurse include in the teaching plan?

a. Avoid use of pacifiers.

b. Eliminate all second-hand smoke contact.

c. Lay infant flat after feeding.

d. Avoid swaddling the infant.

13. A parent of an infant with colic tells the nurse, “All this baby does is scream at me; it is a constant worry.” The nurse’s best action is:

a. encourage parent to verbalize feelings.

b. encourage parent not to worry so much.

c. assess parent for other signs of inadequate parenting.

d. reassure parent that colic rarely lasts past age 9 months.

14. Parent guidelines for relieving colic in an infant include:

a. avoiding touching abdomen.

b. avoiding using a pacifier.

c. changing infant’s position frequently.

d. placing infant where family cannot hear the crying.

15. Clinical manifestations of failure to thrive caused by behavioral problems resulting in inadequate intake of calories include:

a. avoidance of eye contact.

b. an associated malabsorption defect.

c. weight that falls below the 15th percentile.

d. normal achievement of developmental landmarks.

16. Which is an important nursing consideration when caring for an infant with failure to thrive?

a. Establish a structured routine and follow it consistently.

b. Maintain a nondistracting environment by not speaking to child during feeding.

c. Place child in an infant seat during feedings to prevent overstimulation.

d. Limit sensory stimulation and play activities to alleviate fatigue.

17. An important nursing responsibility when dealing with a family experiencing the loss of an infant from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is to:

a. explain how SIDS could have been predicted and prevented.

b. interview parents in depth concerning the circumstances surrounding the child’s death.

c. discourage parents from making a last visit with the infant.

d. make a follow-up home visit to parents as soon as possible after the child’s death.

18. Which is an appropriate action when an infant becomes apneic?

a. Shake vigorously.

b. Roll head side to side.

c. Hold by feet upside down with head supported.

d. Gently stimulate trunk by patting or rubbing.

19. To prevent plagiocephaly, the nurse should teach parents to:

a. place infant prone for 30 to 60 minutes per day.

b. buy a soft mattress.

c. allow infant to nap in the car safety seat.

d. have infant sleep with the parents.

20. An infant has been pronounced dead from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the emergency department. Which is an appropriate question to ask the parents?

a. “Did you hear the infant cry out?”

b. “Why didn’t you check on the infant earlier?”

c. “What time did you find the infant?”

d. “Was the head buried in a blanket?”



11. Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) diagnosed in a 6-month-old infant. : 1361486

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