11. If children behave in ways that consistent with patterns : 1200657

11. If children behave in ways that consistent with patterns : 1200657.


11. If children behave in ways that are consistent with patterns identified by research, they are most likely to be rebellious when parents have which of the following sets of characteristics?

a.High expectations and high responsiveness

b.High expectations and low responsiveness

c.Low expectations and high responsiveness

d.Low expectations and low responsiveness


12.Authoritative parents tend to provide:

a.low expectations and low responsiveness.

b.high expectations and low responsiveness.

c.low expectations and high responsiveness.

d.high expectations and high responsiveness.


13.  Mike is an impulsive and immature first-grade child.  He seems to lack control and is not motivated to engage in class activities.  His teacher, Mr. Alexander, suggests that instead of a management plan for Mike, perhaps some parenting classes could be of benefit. Based upon his suggestion, what can we infer about Mr. Alexander’s perception of the parenting style of Mike’s parents?

a.He feels they are uninvolved.

b.He feels they are authoritarian.

c.He feels they are permissive.

d.He feels they are authoritative.






14.  Keith focuses on a balance between rules and structure and student choice and input in decision making.  He uses consequences that are related to the student infraction and tries to be firm but fair.  Keith best illustrates which type of management style?






15.Peers are important to social development because they:

a.provide opportunities for social skill development.

b.help shape language skills.

c.transmit healthy motivational perspectives.

d.promote logical and intellectual growth.


16.Of the following, peer influences are most likely to occur:

a.in structured classroom settings.

b.through infrequent interactions with older peers.

c.in organized clubs or teams and other social situations.

d.through interaction with peers in forms of media, such as e-mail or chat rooms.


17.Small groups of peers who provide support and temporary identities are best described as:


b.support groups.




18.Megan, a well-behaved, high-achieving seventh grader, has become close friends with Julia, a fun-loving girl who sometimes disrupts class with her antics. Julia is more interested in having fun than in studying, and her grades reflect her lack of effort—she is barely passing. If Megan’s behavior is consistent with patterns identified by research, which of the following is the most valid prediction?

a.Since Megan is high achieving and well behaved, she will not be influenced by Julia.

b.Megan’s grades will decline, but her behavior will be unaffected.

c.Megan’s behavior will decline, but her grades will be unaffected.

d.Megan’s grades and behavior will both decline.




11. If children behave in ways that consistent with patterns : 1200657

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