11.Michael, a high-achieving African American student, being ostracized by the : 1200666

11.Michael, a high-achieving African American student, being ostracized by the : 1200666.


11.Michael, a high-achieving African American student, is being ostracized by the students from his neighborhood that he used to hang around with. “Whitey with a dark skin,” they periodically taunt as they see him in the hallway at school. Michael is experiencing the effects of which of the following?

a.Stereotype threat

b.An ethnic mismatch

c.A resistance culture

d.Cultural pride


12.Ogbu’s concept of accommodation without assimilation is best described as:

a.the view that minority students can experience school success while retaining the characteristics of their  culture.

b.the view that members of cultural minorities are most successful if they combine the characteristics of their culture with White American values.

c.the view that cultural minorities are most successful if schools adapt instruction to accommodate their unique learning styles.

d.the view that minority students are most successful if they acquire the learning styles of White American students.







Use the following information for items 13 and 14.


Rafael, a recent immigrant from Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain, is very proud of his Spanish heritage. He usually speaks Spanish at home and loves evenings and weekends where he basks in the laid-back, relaxed lifestyle and lack of concern about time that are characteristic of the way he grew up. However, he never misses school, turns in all his assignments, and is always on time for school and his classes.


13.Rafael’s Spanish heritage and identification with Mallorca best describes his:






14.Of the following, Rafael is best illustrating:

a.a resistance culture.

b.accommodation without assimilation.

c.stereotype threat.

d.a cultural mismatch.


15.For which of the following groups is stereotype threat likely to be the most pernicious?

a.Minority students who form resistance cultures

b.Minority students who are high achievers in an area, such as math

c.Nonminority boys in an area where minorities typically excel, such as basketball

d.Girls in athletics, such as tennis or soccer


16.Kirsten is experiencing a great deal of anxiety about her first Algebra II test. “I know that Mr. Dade has a reputation for being tough, and everyone thinks that girls are no good in math. I’ll do terrible, and he’ll think, ‘Sure, she’s a girl; she can’t do math.’ I can hardly breathe.” Kirsten is experiencing:

a.cultural resistance.

b.gender identity.

c.gender bias.

d.stereotype threat.


Use the following information for items 17 and 18.


Mrs. Henderson states to her second graders, “All right everyone, let’s put our math papers away now.”  Don, a White student, puts his math materials away, while Leroy, an African American student, does not.


17. If the students’ behavioral patterns are typical of White and African American students’, according to research, which of the following is the most likely explanation?

a.Leroy is more likely to be disobedient than is Don, so he is more likely to disregard the directive.

b.Leroy is more likely to “misread” Mrs. Henderson’s directive, not interpreting it as a command, than is Don.

c.Leroy is less likely to be attentive than is Don, so he is more likely to not hear the directive.

d.Leroy is more likely to socialize with his peers than is Don, so he is more likely to be off-task than is Don.







18.Of the following, which is the most important factor causing the issue in Mrs. Henderson’s classroom?

a.Stereotype threat

b.A resistance culture

c.A cultural mismatch

d.Ethnic diversity


19.Which of the following best describes color blindness?

a.The belief that students’ ethnicity or culture should not be a consideration in teaching

b.The belief that behaving like the mainstream culture strips students of their cultural identity

c.The belief that students from some cultures are higher achievers than those from other cultures

d.The belief that instruction should be adapted to the learning styles of students from different cultures


Essay Item


20.Mrs. Bodin attended a workshop designed to improve her effectiveness in working with members of cultural minorities.  She attempted to implement the information in her class the following day.

She began a reading group by having the students read a story and then discussing it.  She started by reminding the students to remember who the story was about and what the people were doing.  After the students were finished reading the story, she began discussing it by asking questions, such as, “Now tell us some things about the story,” and “Describe the story for us,” distributing the questions equally among the students in the class.  She also asked questions such as, “What was the boy’s name in the story?” directing these questions equally to both minority and nonminority students and giving them plenty of time to answer.

Finally, as the time approached to finish the activity, she said, “Now, everyone, close your reading books and take all your materials back to your desks.”

Based on the information in the case study, describe three things Mrs. Bodin did that were effective for working with cultural minorities.




11.Michael, a high-achieving African American student, being ostracized by the : 1200666

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