11.  Sengi Fumalaro begins the study of inertia in his : 1200554

11.  Sengi Fumalaro begins the study of inertia in his : 1200554.


11.  Sengi Fumalaro begins the study of inertia in his physical science class by swinging a cup of water attached to a string around his head and asks–as the cup of water is swinging–why the water does not fly out of the cup. Sengi is trying to capitalize primarily on which of the following?

a.The motivational effects of students’ beliefs about ability

b.The intrinsically motivating effects of curiosity

c.The intrinsically motivating effects of a safe and orderly learning environment

d.The intrinsically motivating effects of students’ needs for intellectual achievement


12.Which of the following is the best illustration of intrinsic motivation?

a.Brad does trigonometry problems, because, “I want to understand stuff, like the way buildings are built.”

b.Sue studies hard so, “I can maintain my A average in trig.”

c.Janet does her homework faithfully, because, “I need a scholarship to be able to go to college.”

d.Rick works hard in trig, because, “Mrs. Stevens told me I have a lot of potential in math if I am willing to work.”


13.Which of the following best describes the concept motivation to learn?

a.The tendency to find topics intrinsically interesting and engaging

b.The tendency to find topics meaningful and worthwhile

c.The tendency to increase efforts to learn as a result of positive reinforcement

d.The tendency to engage in an activity because equilibrium has been disrupted


14.Of the following, the person most closely associated with the concept of extrinsic motivation is:









15.Your students are involved in an activity that is intrinsically interesting.  You decide to also offer a reward in an attempt to further enhance  students’ interest and motivation.  According to research as presented in your text, which of the following is most likely in the long term?

a.The offer of a reward will further increase students’ interest and motivation.

b.The offer of a reward will decrease students’ interest and motivation.

c.The offer of a reward is unlikely to affect students’ interest and motivation one way or the other.

d.The offer of a reward will enhance students’ creativity and task orientation.


16.Research examining the use of rewards in classrooms suggests that which of the following statements is most likely to be true?

a.Since using rewards to increase motivation is controversial, they are not commonly used in classrooms.

b.Offering rewards for participating in intrinsically motivating activities will sustain and increase motivation for those tasks.

c.Rewards can be effective for encouraging participation in tasks that are not initially intrinsically interesting.

d.Using rewards to communicate that competence is increasing can decrease motivation because it sends a low-ability message.


17.Of the following, which would be least recommended for the use of rewards in an attempt to motivate students to learn?

a.Use rewards to increase participation in activities that are not initially intrinsically interesting.

b.Base rewards on participation in a learning activity, not on the quality of work.

c.Use rewards to communicate increasing competence.

d.Avoid using rewards to control students’ behavior.


18.Mrs. Jacobson and Mr. Lucas have their students involved in problem-solving activities.  They each have a wide range of problems, and the students can choose those they attempt to solve.  In an attempt to motivate her students, Mrs. Jacobson offers students a reward for each problem solved correctly.  Mr. Lucas does not. If their students’ behavior is consistent with patterns identified by research, which of the following is most likely?

a.The students in Mrs. Jacobson’s class will select more difficult problems to solve than will the students in Mr. Lucas’s class.

b.The students in Mr. Lucas’s class will select more difficult problems to solve than will the students in Mrs. Jacobson’s class.

c.The students in Mrs. Jacobson’s class will initially select easier problems to solve, but as they practice, they will select increasingly difficult problems.

d.The offer of the reward will have little effect one way or the other on the problems the students in either class choose.


19.Mr. Wright offers his geography class free time if they complete the assignment of identifying the countries of the world on a colored map, an assignment they enjoy. If his students’ behaviors are consistent with patterns identified by research, the effect of offering them free time for completing the assignment will result in:

a.students’ general motivation to learn decreasing.

b.students’ general motivation to learn increasing.

c.students being less likely to work with maps during free time.

d.students being more likely to work with maps during free time.







20.According to your text, of the following which is not a reward typically given in elementary school classrooms?

a.Consumable items

b.Teacher praise






11.  Sengi Fumalaro begins the study of inertia in his : 1200554

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