11) The “occupation” of a species in an area identified : 1380999

11) The “occupation” of a species in an area identified : 1380999.



11) The “occupation” of a species in an area is identified as its:

A) habitat.

B) community.

C) niche.

D) population.


12) Barnacles live on exposed rocks washed over by waves at the shore. This is a description of the barnacles’:

A) community.

B) habitat.

C) niche.

D) ecosystem.


13) Barnacles are filter-feeding molluscs that live by filtering plankton from seawater. This is a description of the barnacles’:

A) community.

B) habitat.

C) niche.

D) ecosystem.


14) In interspecific competition, the competitors are generally competing for:

A) mates.

B) coexistence.

C) social status.

D) resources.


15) A red-shouldered hawk chases a falcon away from a dead squirrel. This is an example of:

A) interspecific competition.

B) coexistence.

C) mutualism.

D) commensalism.

16) You are doing biology field work studying two species of lizards on a small volcanic island. Although quite hostile to each other when they accidentally meet, the two species usually remain in separate parts of the island. Species A seems to live and hunt insects only in the lower grassland part of the island. Species B seems to live and hunt only in the upper rocky areas. Species A has a short tongue but has longer legs and is a faster runner. Species B is short, squat, runs slower, but has a long tongue. You observe Species A chasing down some pretty large, fast-moving insects, while Species B meanders from rock to rock, using its long tongue to get insects hiding between rocks and in cracks. What principle of ecology do your two lizard species demonstrate?

A) competitive exclusion

B) resource partitioning

C) coexistence

D) convergent evolution


17) When placed in the same habitat, Paramecium aurelia will replace Paramecium caudatum. This is an example of:

A) mutualism.

B) commensalism.

C) parasitism.

D) competitive exclusion.


18) If two species of woodpeckers eat two different kinds of beetle larvae on pine trees in a forest, we would identify that as:

A) mutualism.

B) resource partitioning.

C) competitive exclusion.

D) commensalism.


19) If we find an orange plant that lacks chlorophyll living on a green plant, it is likely that the orange plant is a:

A) parasite.

B) commensal.

C) predator.

D) host.

20) The population of a carnivore has doubled this year. Predict what will likely happen to the population of its prey over the next 12 months.

A) It will also increase.

B) It is likely to decrease.

C) It will remain stable, like all predator—prey relationships.

D) It will be erratic but increase slightly.



11) The “occupation” of a species in an area identified : 1380999

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