11. When it comes to the focus group discussion guide, : 1260314

11. When it comes to the focus group discussion guide, : 1260314.


11. When it comes to the focus group discussion guide, which of the following is NOT true:

A) multiple choice question permit probing into the thoughts and even the subconscious of participants.

B) it is helpful to write some good probing questions in advance of the focus group to ensure the discussion goes beyond surface answers.

C) Questions should never imply an answer or even hint at what the answer should be.

D) all of the above are true.

12. The validity of focus group results is highly dependent upon the selection of the

A) focus group participants.

B) focus group moderator

C) both of the above

D) none of the above

13. _________ is the term used to describe individuals who belong to multiple research panels for the purpose of participating in multiple research studies, sometimes deceitfully, in order to obtain financial rewards or gifts.

A) false respondents

B) professional respondents

C) slider respondents

D) fraudulent respondents

14. Tactics for minimizing professional respondents include

A) using online registration forms instead of phone registration to better screen potential participants.

B) recruiting ads on Craigslist and similar sites.

C) both of the above

D) none of the above

15.Tactics for minimizing professional respondents include

A) using old-school respondent sources, such as telephone books, directories, and lists provided by clients or other sources.

B) verifying identities with background checks or Internet searches

C) both of the above

D) none of the above

16. As the focus group moves to the _______ stage, the moderator asks general questions to encourage participants to talk. The questions should be easy to answer and ones that everyone can answer.

A) Introduction

B) Rapport Building

C) In Depth Discussion

D) Handouts

17. _________ in a focus group respond to participant comments by asking “why, what, how, please explain,” or “tell me more.”

A) rapport questions

B) probing questions

C) explanation questions

D) stimuli questions

18. The most important characteristic of a good moderator is that he or she:

A) looks like the respondents so they can relate to the moderator

B) is completely open to participant feedback, be it positive or negative

C) is not an employee of the sponsoring firm, so as to avoid bias

D) able to copy down everything that is said in the discussion so nothing important is lost

19. ________ occurs when individuals within the group come to a consensus on a thought or idea through the informal leadership of one or two individuals

A) peer pressure

B) group think

C) homogenization

D) isomorphism

20. Compared to traditional in-person qualitative research, online qualitative research has _____ and _______

A) lower costs, quicker results

B) lower costs, slower results

C) higher costs, slower results

D) higher costs quicker results



11. When it comes to the focus group discussion guide, : 1260314

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