11. When the nurse interviews an adolescent, which especially important? a.Focus the : 1361462

11. When the nurse interviews an adolescent, which especially important?
a.Focus the : 1361462.


11. When the nurse interviews an adolescent, which is especially important?

a.Focus the discussion on the peer group.

b.Allow an opportunity to express feelings.

c.Emphasize that confidentiality will always be maintained.

d.Use the same type of language as the adolescent.

12. The nurse is having difficulty communicating with a hospitalized 6-year-old child. What technique might be most helpful?

a.Suggest that the child keep a diary.

b.Suggest that the parent read fairy tales to the child.

c.Ask the parent if the child is always uncommunicative.

d.Ask the child to draw a picture.

13. The nurse is meeting a 5-year-old child for the first time and would like the child to cooperate during a dressing change. The nurse decides to do a simple magic trick using gauze. This should be interpreted as:

a.inappropriate, because of child’s age.

b.a way to establish rapport.

c.too distracting, when cooperation is important.

d.acceptable, if there is adequate time.

14. The nurse must assess 10-month-old infant. The infant is sitting on the father’s lap and appears to be afraid of the nurse and of what might happen next. Which initial action by the nurse would be most appropriate?

a.Initiate a game of peek-a-boo.

b.Ask father to place the infant on the examination table.

c.Undress the infant while he is still sitting on his father’s lap.

d.Talk softly to the infant while taking him from his father.

15. The nurse is taking a health history on an adolescent. Which best describes how the chief complaint should be determined?

a.Ask for detailed listing of symptoms.

b.Ask adolescent, “Why did you come here today?”

c.Use what adolescent says to determine, in correct medical terminology, what the problem is.

d.Interview parent away from adolescent to determine chief complaint.

16. Where in the health history should the nurse describe all details related to the chief complaint?

a.Past history

b.Chief complaint

c.Present illness

d.Review of systems

17. The nurse is interviewing the mother of an infant. She reports, “I had a difficult delivery, and my baby was born prematurely.” This information should be recorded under which of the following headings?

a.Past history

b.Present illness

c.Chief complaint

d.Review of systems

18. Which is most important to document about immunizations in the child’s health history?

a.Dosage of immunizations received

b.Occurrence of any reaction after an immunization

c.The exact date the immunizations were received

d.Practitioner who administered the immunizations

19. When interviewing the mother of a 3-year-old child, the nurse asks about developmental milestones such as the age of walking without assistance. This should be considered:

a.unnecessary information because child is age 3 years.

b.an important part of the family history.

c.an important part of the child’s past history.

d.an important part of the child’s review of systems.

20. The nurse is taking a sexual history on an adolescent girl. Which is the best way to determine whether she is sexually active?

a.Ask her, “Are you sexually active?”

b.Ask her, “Are you having sex with anyone?”

c.Ask her, “Are you having sex with a boyfriend?”

d.Ask both the girl and her parent whether she is sexually active.



11. When the nurse interviews an adolescent, which especially important?
a.Focus the : 1361462

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