11. Which characteristic of dishonest behavior in children ages 8 : 1361497

11. Which characteristic of dishonest behavior in children ages 8 : 1361497.


11. Which is characteristic of dishonest behavior in children ages 8 to 10 years?

a. Cheating during games is now more common.

b. Lying results from the inability to distinguish between fact and fantasy.

c. They may steal because their sense of property rights is limited.

d. They may lie to meet expectations set by others that they have been unable to attain.

12. A 9-year-old girl often comes to the school nurse complaining of stomach pains. Her teacher says she is completing her school work satisfactorily but lately has been somewhat aggressive and stubborn in the classroom. The school nurse should recognize this as:

a. signs of stress.

b. developmental delay.

c. physical problem causing emotional stress.

d. lack of adjustment to school environment.

13. Which statement best describes fear in the school-age child?

a. They are increasingly fearful for body safety.

b. Most of the new fears that trouble them are related to school and family.

c. They should be encouraged to hide their fears to prevent ridicule by peers.

d. Those who have numerous fears need continuous protective behavior by parents to eliminate these fears.

14. The father of a 12-year-old child tells the nurse that he is concerned about his son getting “fat.” His son is at the 50th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for weight on the growth chart. The most appropriate nursing action is to:

a. reassure the father that his child is not fat.

b. reassure the father that his child is just growing.

c. suggest a low-calorie, low-fat diet.

d. explain that this is typical of the growth pattern of boys at this age.

15. A child has an evulsed (knocked-out) tooth. Which medium should the nurse instruct the parents to place the tooth in for transport to the dentist?

a. In cold milk

b. In cold water

c. In warm salt water

d. In a dry, clean jar

16. The school nurse has been asked to begin teaching sex education in the fifth grade. The nurse should recognize that:

a. children in fifth grade are too young for sex education.

b. children should be discouraged from asking too many questions.

c. correct terminology should be reserved for children who are older.

d. sex can be presented as a normal part of growth and development.

17. The school nurse is conducting a class on bicycle safety. Which statement made by a participant indicates a need for further teaching?

a. “Most bicycle injuries occur from a fall off the bicycle.”

b. “Head injuries are the major causes of bicycle-related fatalities.”

c. “I should replace my helmet every 5 years.”

d. “I can ride double with a friend if the bicycle has an extra large seat.”

18. When teaching injury prevention during the school-age years, what should the nurse include?

a. Teach children to fear strangers.

b. Teach basic rules of water safety.

c. Avoid letting child cook in microwave ovens.

d. Caution child against engaging in competitive sports.

19. A nurse is teaching parents of kindergarten children general guidelines to assist their children in school. Which statement by the parents indicates they understand the teaching?

a. “We will only meet with the teacher if problems occur.”

b. “We will discourage hobbies so our child focuses on school work.”

c. “We will plan a trip to the library as often as possible.”

d. “We will expect our child to make all As in school.”

20. A school nurse is teaching dental health practices to a group of sixth-grade children. How often should the nurse recommend the children brush their teeth?

a. Twice a day

b. Three times a day

c. After meals

d. After meals, snacks, and bedtime

21. Parents of a twelve-year-old child ask the clinic nurse, “How many hours of sleep should our child get?’ The nurse should respond that 12-year-old children need how many hours of sleep at night?

a. 8

b. 9

c. 10

d. 11

22. A nurse planning care for a school-age child should take into account that which thought process is seen at this age?

a. Animism

b. Magical thinking

c. Ability to conserve

d. Thoughts are all-powerful


1. A nurse is planning care for a 7-year-old child hospitalized with osteomyelitis. Which activities should the nurse plan to bring from the playroom for the child? (Select all that apply.)

a. Paper and some paints

b. Board games

c. Jack-in-the-box

d. Stuffed animals

e. Computer games

2. A nurse teaches parents that team play is important for school-age children. Which can children develop by experiencing team play? (Select all that apply.)

a. Achieve personal goals over group goals.

b. Learn complex rules.

c. Experience competition.

d. Learn about division of labor.



11. Which characteristic of dishonest behavior in children ages 8 : 1361497

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