11. Which intervention will encourage a sense of autonomy in : 1361505

11. Which intervention will encourage a sense of autonomy in : 1361505.


11. Which intervention will encourage a sense of autonomy in a toddler with disabilities?

a. Avoid separation from family during hospitalizations.

b. Encourage independence in as many areas as possible.

c. Expose child to pleasurable experiences as much as possible.

d. Help parents learn special care needs of their child.

12. The feeling of guilt that the child “caused” the disability or illness is especially critical in which child?

a. Toddler

b. Preschooler

c. School-age child

d. Adolescent

13. A 9-year-old boy has several physical disabilities. His father explains to the nurse that his son concentrates on what he can, rather than cannot, do and is as independent as possible. The nurse’s best interpretation of this is that the:

a. father is experiencing denial.

b. father is expressing his own views.

c. child is using an adaptive coping style.

d. child is using a maladaptive coping style.

14. The nurse is talking with the parent of a child newly diagnosed with a chronic illness. The parent is upset and tearful. The nurse asks, “Whom do you talk to when something is worrying you?” This should be interpreted as:

a. inappropriate, because the parent is so upset.

b. a diversion of the present crisis to similar situations with which the parent has dealt.

c. an intervention to find someone to help the parent.

d. part of assessing the parent’s available support system.

15. The nurse is providing support to parents at the time their child is diagnosed with chronic disabilities. The nurse notices that the parents keep asking the same questions. What is the nurse’s best intervention?

a. Patiently continue to answer questions.

b. Kindly refer them to someone else for answering their questions.

c. Recognize that some parents cannot understand explanations.

d. Suggest that they ask their questions when they are not upset.

16. Which is the most appropriate nursing intervention to promote normalization in a school-age child with a chronic illness?

a. Give child as much control as possible.

b. Ask child’s peer to make child feel normal.

c. Convince child that nothing is wrong with him or her.

d. Explain to parents that family rules for the child do not need to be the same as for healthy siblings.

17. Nursing interventions to help the siblings of a child with special needs cope include:

a. explaining to the siblings that embarrassment is unhealthy.

b. encouraging the parents not to expect siblings to help them care for the child with special needs.

c. providing information to the siblings about the child’s condition only as they request it.

d. suggesting to the parents ways of showing gratitude to the siblings who help care for the child with special needs.

18. The parents of a child born with disabilities ask the nurse for advice about discipline. The nurse’s response should be based on knowledge that discipline is:

a. essential for the child.

b. too difficult to implement with a special-needs child.

c. not needed unless child becomes problematic.

d. best achieved with punishment for misbehavior.

19. Kelly, an 8-year-old girl, will soon be able to return to school after an injury that resulted in several severe, chronic disabilities. Which is the most appropriate action by the school nurse?

a. Recommend that the child’s parents attend school at first to prevent teasing.

b. Prepare the child’s classmates and teachers for changes they can expect.

c. Refer the child to a school where the children have chronic disabilities similar to hers.

d. Discuss with the child and her parents the fact that her classmates will not accept her as they did before.

20. A 16-year-old boy with a chronic illness has recently become rebellious and is taking risks such as missing doses of his medication. The nurse should explain to his parents that:

a. he needs more discipline.

b. he needs more socialization with peers.

c. this is part of normal adolescence.

d. this is how he is asking for more parental control.



11. Which intervention will encourage a sense of autonomy in : 1361505

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