11. Which most suggestive that a nurse has a nontherapeutic : 1361452

11. Which most suggestive that a nurse has a nontherapeutic : 1361452.


11. Which is most suggestive that a nurse has a nontherapeutic relationship with a patient and family?

a. Staff is concerned about the nurse’s actions with the patient and family.

b. Staff assignments allow the nurse to care for same patient and family over an extended time.

c. Nurse is able to withdraw emotionally when emotional overload occurs but still remains committed.

d. Nurse uses teaching skills to instruct patient and family rather than doing everything for them.

12. Which is most descriptive of clinical reasoning?

a. A simple developmental process

b. Purposeful and goal-directed

c. Based on deliberate and irrational thought

d. Assists individuals in guessing what is most appropriate

13. A nurse makes the decision to apply a topical anesthetic to a child’s skin before drawing blood. Which ethical principle is the nurse demonstrating?

a. Autonomy

b. Beneficence

c. Justice

d. Truthfulness

14. Which action by the nurse demonstrates use of evidence-based practice (EBP)?

a. Gathering equipment for a procedure

b. Documenting changes in a patient’s status

c. Questioning the use of daily central line dressing changes

d. Clarifying a physician’s prescription for morphine

15. A nurse is admitting a toddler to the hospital. The toddler is with both parents and is currently sitting comfortably on a parent’s lap. The parents state they will need to leave for a brief period. Which type of nursing diagnosis should the nurse formulate for this child?

a. Risk for anxiety

b. Anxiety

c. Readiness for enhanced coping

d. Ineffective coping

16. A child has a postoperative appendectomy incision covered by a dressing. The nurse has just completed a prescribed dressing change for this child. Which description is an accurate documentation of this procedure?

a. Dressing change to appendectomy incision completed, child tolerated procedure well, parent present

b. No complications noted during dressing change to appendectomy incision

c. Appendectomy incision non-reddened, sutures intact, no drainage noted on old dressing, new dressing applied, procedure tolerated well by child

d. No changes to appendectomy incisional area, dressing changed, child complained of pain during procedure, new dressing clean, dry and intact

17. A nurse is planning a class on accident prevention for parents of toddlers. Which safety topic is the priority for this class?

a. Appropriate use of car seat restraints

b. Safety crossing the street

c. Helmet use when riding a bicycle

d. Poison control numbers


1. Which behaviors by the nurse indicate a therapeutic relationship with children and families? (Select all that apply.)

a. Spending off-duty time with children and families

b. Asking questions if families are not participating in the care

c. Clarifying information for families

d. Buying toys for a hospitalized child

e. Learning about the family’s religious preferences


1. A nurse is formulating a clinical question for evidence-based practice. Place in order

the steps the nurse should use to clarify the scope of the problem and clinical topic of interest. Begin with the first step of the process and proceed ordering the steps ending with the final step of the process. Provide answer as lowercase letters separated by commas (e.g., a, b, c, d, e).

a. Intervention

b. Outcome

c. Population

d. Time

e. Control



11. Which most suggestive that a nurse has a nontherapeutic : 1361452

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