11. Which of the following not a situation when ghrelin : 1400813

11. Which of the following not a situation when ghrelin : 1400813.


11. Which of the following is not a situation when ghrelin levels are high?

A. low-calorie diet

B. after moderate exercise

C. before a meal

D. during sleep

12. ________ is the most satiating of all nutrients and has been shown to reduce food intake.

A. Carbohydrate

B. Lipid

C. Protein

D. Fiber

13. Which of the following is not a factor that increases the risk of obesity?

A. lack of time

B. increased availability of fruits and vegetables throughout the year

C. lack of physical activity

D. abundant food supply and large portion sizes

14. Which of the following is the key to successful weight loss?

A. talking to people and getting their input about the various diet plans

B. buying a good book that provides guidelines for the diet

C. having a commitment to adopting healthy diet and lifestyle habits and maintaining them over time

D. being able to get on and off the diet with minimum effort

15. Which of the following are typical of the hype associated with some fad diets?

A. Rapid weight loss can be guaranteed by some weight-loss plans.

B. Naturally occurring herbs are safe and very effective for weight loss.

C. It is the carbohydrate and not the kilocalorie reduction that causes weight loss.

D. All of the above are examples of fad diet hype.

16. Long-term weight management depends on modifying all of the following except

A. diet.

B. sleep patterns.

C. physical activity.

D. behavior.

17. Linda weighs 210 pounds. She is currently considering a weight-loss regimen. What would be considered a reasonable goal for Linda over the next six months?

A. lose 9 pounds

B. lose 16 pounds

C. lose 21 pounds

D. lose 30 pounds

18. Ben was in the mood for a juicy hamburger and fries from his favorite fast-food joint. He was feeling guilty because he knew that he had to watch his weight, yet he was hungry. His “slimming” breakfast shake was long gone. What would be a good strategy for Ben to adopt?

A. Go ahead and give in to his urge to eat a hamburger so as to remove the temptation.

B. Consider eating a large salad before eating the hamburger.

C. Erase all thoughts of the hamburger and focus instead on a second “slimming” shake for the next meal.

D. Drink a couple of glasses of water to fill his stomach before eating his hamburger.

19. What is the recommendation for moderate physical activity to maintain weight loss?

A. 15-30 minutes daily

B. 30-60 minutes daily

C. 60-90 minutes daily

D. 90-110 minutes daily

20. Which of the following is not true of very-low-kilocalorie diets?

A. They require a strong support group in order to ensure compliance.

B. They may cause side effects such as gallstones, constipation, and fatigue.

C. They must include vitamin and mineral supplementation.

D. They must be medically supervised.



11. Which of the following not a situation when ghrelin : 1400813

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