11. Which statement correct about toilet training? a. Bladder training usually : 1361489

11. Which statement correct about toilet training?
a. Bladder training usually : 1361489.


11. Which statement is correct about toilet training?

a. Bladder training is usually accomplished before bowel training.

b. Wanting to please the parent helps motivate the child to use the toilet.

c. Watching older siblings use the toilet confuses the child.

d. Children must be forced to sit on the toilet when first learning.

12. Which characteristic best describes the gross motor skills of a 24-month-old child?

a. Skips and can hop in place on one foot

b. Rides tricycle and broad jumps

c. Jumps with both feet and stands on one foot momentarily

d. Walks up and down stairs and runs with a wide stance

13. In the clinic waiting room, a nurse observes a parent showing an 18-month-old child how to make a tower out of blocks. The nurse should recognize in this situation that:

a. blocks at this age are used primarily for throwing.

b. toddlers are too young to imitate the behavior of others.

c. toddlers are capable of building a tower of blocks.

d. toddlers are too young to build a tower of blocks.

14. At what age should the nurse expect a child to give both first and last names when asked?

a. 15 months

b. 18 months

c. 24 months

d. 30 months

15. The parents of a newborn say that their toddler “hates the baby; he suggested that we put him in the trash can so the trash truck could take him away.” Which is the nurse’s best reply?

a. “Let’s see if we can figure out why he hates the new baby.”

b. “That’s a strong statement to come from such a small boy.”

c. “Let’s refer him to counseling to work this hatred out. It’s not a normal response.”

d. “That is a normal response to the birth of a sibling. Let’s look at ways to deal with this.”

16. A toddler’s parent asks the nurse for suggestions on dealing with temper tantrums. Which is the most appropriate recommendation?

a. Punish the child.

b. Leave the child alone until the tantrum is over.

c. Remain close by the child but without eye contact.

d. Explain to child that this is wrong.

17. A parent asks the nurse about negativism in toddlers. Which is the most appropriate recommendation?

a. Punish the child.

b. Provide more attention.

c. Ask child not always to say “no.”

d. Reduce the opportunities for a “no” answer.

18. Which technique is best for dealing with the negativism of the toddler?

a. Offer the child choices.

b. Remain serious and intent.

c. Provide few or no choices for child.

d. Quietly and calmly ask the child to comply.

19. The parents of a 2-year-old tell the nurse that they are concerned because the toddler has started to use “baby talk” since the arrival of their new baby. The nurse should recommend which intervention?

a. Ignore the “baby talk.”

b. Explain to the toddler that “baby talk” is for babies.

c. Tell the toddler frequently, “You are a big kid now.”

d. Encourage the toddler to practice more advanced patterns of speech.

20. Parents tell the nurse that their toddler daughter eats little at mealtime, only sits at the table with the family briefly, and wants snacks “all the time.” Which intervention should the nurse recommend?

a. Give her nutritious snacks.

b. Offer rewards for eating at mealtimes.

c. Avoid snacks so she is hungry at mealtimes.

d. Explain to her in a firm manner what is expected of her.



11. Which statement correct about toilet training?
a. Bladder training usually : 1361489

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