11) Who believed the species Earth changed over time as : 1380836

11) Who believed the species Earth changed over time as : 1380836.



11) Who believed the species on Earth changed over time as a result of periodic great catastrophes?

A) Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck

B) Georges Cuvier

C) Alfred Russel Wallace

D) Charles Lyell


12) Charles Darwin was influenced by three scientists of his time: Charles Lyell, Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck, and Georges Cuvier. What common theme from their work inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection?

A) Early embryos of a variety of organisms share characteristics.

B) Traits were inherited through blending.

C) The newly formed Earth was hot and humid.

D) The world is not static; it is constantly changing.


13) The long neck of a giraffe has developed over a long period of time because giraffes have needed to stretch their necks to reach food high in trees, and that quality has been passed on through the generations. This view of evolution would correspond with the ideas of:

A) Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck.

B) Charles Lyell.

C) Georges Cuvier.

D) Alfred Russel Wallace.


14) Darwin was influenced by an essay on human population and food supply written by:

A) Charles Lyell.

B) Alfred Russel Wallace.

C) Joshua Beagle.

D) Thomas Malthus.


15) Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace both realized that most species produce many more offspring than is necessary to maintain a constant population. What might be the fate of the excess individuals?

A) The more favorable forms survive and reproduce, but the others do not.

B) They mutate and then are able to adapt to new environments.

C) They evolve to take advantage of natural resources.

16) Many commercial pesticides become less effective after two to three years because:

A) pests with resistant genes will survive and reproduce.

B) new pests invade the area.

C) pests without resistant genes will ignore any plant coated with pesticide.

D) the chemicals mutate.


17) The publication date of Darwin’s Origin of Species was:

A) 1900.

B) 1869.

C) 1809.

D) 1859.


18) Long before Charles Darwin, Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck understood all of the following ideas about evolution except that:

A) there is variation in populations.

B) natural selection is the primary cause of evolution.

C) evolution leads to adaptation.

D) species change over time.


19) The longer two populations are kept from interbreeding, the:

A) more they will differ from one another in adaptations.

B) more recessive alleles will be expressed.

C) greater the chance one will go extinct.

D) greater the mutation rate will be.


20) For natural selection to occur, there must be competition for resources, competition for survival, or different reproductive success. Why is this so?

A) The struggle of competition makes individuals stronger.

B) Populations evolve to preserve the species and don’t change unless they must.

C) Without competition, there is no pressure to mutate.

D) Natural selection acts on the different abilities of individuals to survive and pass on their genes to the next generation.


11) Who believed the species Earth changed over time as : 1380836

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