111.A teacher decides to give her students extra time : 1200545

111.A teacher decides to give her students extra time : 1200545.


111.A teacher decides to give her students extra time on a test to minimize test anxiety.  In this situation, the students’ self-efficacy is most likely to be influenced by which of the following factors?

a.Past performance


c.Verbal persuasion

d.Psychological state


  112.“Your reasoning is good,” Mr. Krathwohl comments in response to Bessie’s frustration as she tries to solve a perplexing algebra problem.  “But you’re missing one little piece of information.  I know that you can do it. Try the problem again. You can do it.” Of the following, the theory that best explains Mr. Krathwohl’s attempts to increase Bessie’s motivation to continue trying is:

a.expectancy x value theory.

b.self-efficacy theory.

c.goal theory.

d.self-determination theory.


  113.Simone is a high-efficacy student, and Cal is a low-efficacy student. They both encounter a challenging assignment. Which of the following best describes how they will respond to the challenge of the assignment?

a.Simone will continue with a particular strategy longer than will Cal.

b.Simone will feel more stress than Cal if they are unable to solve the problem.

c.Simone will more quickly try to find an easier problem to solve than will Cal.

d.Simone will continue trying to solve the problem longer than will Cal.



    114.With respect to motivation, “the benefits, rewards, or advantages that individuals believe may result from participating in an activity” best describes which of the following?

a.Beliefs about intelligence

b.Beliefs about capability

c.Beliefs about value

d.Beliefs about causes of performance


    115.The importance an individual attaches to doing well on a task because it allows people to confirm (or disconfirm) beliefs they have about themselves is best described as:

a.attainment value.

b.task value.

c.utility value.

d.expectancy value.


Use the following information for items 116 and 117.


“I’m really working hard on this term paper,” Jana comments to her friend, Lee. “I think I’m a good writer, and I’m thinking about majoring in English in college, so I need to prove to myself that I can do it.”


  116.Using learners’ beliefs as a basis, which of the following best explains why Jana is motivated to do well on her term paper?

a.Doing well on the term paper will be reinforcing for her, since reinforcers increase behavior.

b.Doing well on the paper will help her meet her self-esteem need because a good grade will increase her self-esteem.

c.Doing well on the term paper has high attainment value for her, since it will confirm her beliefs about her writing ability.

d.Doing well on the paper will help her meet her need for of self-determination, because her sense of autonomy will be increasing.


  117.Jana’s comment, “I think I’m a good writer” best illustrates which of the following?

a.Her sense of self-worth.

b.An aspect of her self-schema.

c.An attribution about her ability in English.

d.Her aesthetic appreciation of English.


    118.The belief that a topic, activity, or course of study will be useful for meeting future goals best describes:

a.expectation for success.


c.attainment value.

d.utility value.


    119.The concept of utility value is most closely related to which of the following theories?

a.Expectancy x value theory

b.Goal theory

c.Attribution theory

d.Self-determination theory








  120.“I work really hard on my math,” Mike, a middle school student, comments. “I know that math courses in high school are tough, so the better I understand it now, the better I’ll understand it when I get to the tough classes.” Using learners’ beliefs as a basis, which of the following best explains why Mike is motivated to study math?

a.Doing well in math will be reinforcing for him, since reinforcers increase behavior.

b.Doing well in math will help him develop his sense of self-worth need, since it will suggest he has high ability in math.

c.Doing well in math has high utility value for him, since he sees it as useful for meeting future goals.

d.Doing well in math will help him meet his need for self-determination, because it will give him a feeling of autonomy.




111.A teacher decides to give her students extra time : 1200545

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