136.Three of the following factors that affect transfer. Which : 1200737

    136.Three of the following factors that affect transfer. Which : 1200737.


    136.Three of the following are factors that affect transfer. Which one is not a factor that affects transfer?

a.Similarity between learning situations

b.Reinforcement of basic skills

c.Depth of original understanding

d.Learning context


  137.  Students on a math test performed well on a set of computational problems but were not able to solve word problems in which the same computational skills were required. Of the following, the most likely reason for this fact is:

a.students hadn’t sufficiently rehearsed the computations to the point where they were automatic.

b.the teacher failed to provide enough drill and practice with the computational problems.

c.the algorithms for the computations were not encoded in the students’ long-term memories.

d.the practice context and the problem-solving context were not similar enough to allow transfer to occur.


  138.  Linda is new to personal computing and yesterday learned a new “quick” command in EXCEL.  She used “control-c” to copy part of the spreadsheet and “control-v” to paste it elsewhere.  Last night she was working on a paper in the lab and decided to reorder the paragraphs.  She used “control-c” and “control-v” in the word program.  Of the following, the factor affecting the transfer of learning is:

a. similarity between the two learning situations.

b.motivation involved in the learning experiences.

c.depth of understanding and practice.

d.quality of learning experiences.


Use the following information for items 139-141.


Learners have been shown the following examples of the concept mammal: dog, cat, horse, and deer.


  139.Of the following, they are most likely to transfer the concept to:






  140.Of the following, they are least likely to transfer the concept to:






  141.Of the following, the factor affecting transfer that is most nearly operating in items 139 and 140 is:

a.similarity between learning situations.

b.depth of original understanding.

c.learning context.

d.emphasis on metacognition.


    142.According to cognitive theories of learning, which of the following does not positively affect transfer?

a.The number of times an answer is reinforced.

b.The depth of understanding and practice.

c.The quality of learners’ experiences.

d.The context into which learners’ experiences are embedded.


    143.Of the following, the factor that is most important in facilitating the transfer of concepts is:

a.giving students a chance to actively rehearse definitions of the concepts.

b.demonstrating that what they are learning is important.

c.providing a variety of high-quality examples.

d.beginning lessons with attention-getting demonstrations.



    144.Of the following, which is least likely to influence transfer of learning?

a.Placing emphasis on learner metacognition

b.Rehearsal of important concepts and definitions

c.The variety of content representations that are used

d.Similarity between the learning situation and the target situation


Use the following information for items 145 and 146.


Mr. Lucas wants his students to understand the concept reptile, and he shows them colored pictures of an alligator sunning itself beside a stream, a lizard in some bushes, a snake in a tree, and a chameleon in some grass.

On a quiz a few days later, he shows students colored pictures of a crocodile partially immersed in a lake, a rattlesnake on the plains, a sea turtle in the ocean, and a lizard in the desert, together with a series of other animals, such as a cockroach, a mouse, and an eagle, which they will not identify as reptiles if they understand the concept. Most of the students correctly identify the crocodile, rattlesnake, and lizard as reptiles, but many fail to correctly identify the sea turtle as a reptile.


  145.Of the following, the factor affecting transfer that is most likely the reason that the students fail to identify the sea turtle as a reptile is:

a.lack of similarity between the two learning situations.

b.inadequate variety of examples.

c.inadequate original understanding.

d.lack of emphasis on metacognition.


  146. Mr. Lucas’s efforts to show the animals in their habitats, such as the alligator beside the stream and the lizard in some bushes, best illustrate his attempts to capitalize on which of the following factors that affect transfer?

a.Similarity between learning situations

b.Depth of original understanding

c.Learning context

d.Emphasis on metacognition


  147.Mr. Smith attempts to help his students understand the concept of inertia by relating it to why people are required to wear seatbelts in their cars. Mrs. Evans has her students solve a variety of word problems that involve fractions, decimals, and percents. Mr. Leander has his students practice study skills in English, geography, and science. Each of the teachers was attempting to capitalize on which of the following factors that promote transfer?

a.Similarity between learning situations

b.Learning context

c.Depth of original understanding

d.Emphasis on metacognition




    136.Three of the following factors that affect transfer. Which : 1200737

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