161.If a person consumed 65 g of protein and a total : 1401597

161.If a person consumed 65 g of protein and a total : 1401597.


161.If a person consumed 65 g of protein and a total of 2700 kcalories per day, approximately what percentage of energy would be derived from protein?

a.7 percent

b.10 percent

c.14 percent

d.20 percent

162.Approximately how many grams of protein are found in one quart of milk?

a.5 g

b.12 g

c.25 g

d.32 g

163.Many athletes consume whey protein in an effort to build muscle.  Which of the following are they actually consuming?

a.a synthetic amino acid supplement

b.a chemical extract from gelatin

c.a waste product of cheese production.

d.pork by-products.

164.Which of the following features distinguishes branched-chain amino acids from other amino acids?

a.They are all dispensable amino acids.

b.Large doses may suppress ammonia production.

c.They represent the major energy source for muscle tissue.

d.They may be helpful in treatment of advanced liver failure.

165.What amino acid supplement has been advertised in the popular media for treating herpes infections?





166.Jim, a college baseball player, tells you that he has started to take glutamine supplements. How would you advise him? Which of the following would be the best advice for him?

a.As long as he keeps the dose under 10 g/day, the benefits outweigh the costs.

b.Since he plays baseball, he should consider taking alanine supplements instead.

c.Since he plays baseball, he should consider taking tryptophan supplements instead.

d.Since single amino acids do not occur naturally in foods, they offer no benefit to the body and may even be harmful.

167.What amino acid has been linked to the development of the rare blood disorder eosinophilia myalgia in people who took it as a supplement?





168.The disease phenylketonuria is related chiefly to abnormal metabolism of which of the following nutrients?


b.omega-3 fats

c.soy polysaccharides

d.a certain amino acid

169.The study of how food interacts with genes is known as which of the following

a.nutritional genomics

b.microarray technology

c.food genetics

d.epigenetic dietetics

170.The study of how environmental factors influence the expression of genes without altering the DNA is known as which of the following


b.environmental nucleotide science

c.microarray technology

d.epidemiological genetics

171.Approximately what percentage of a person’s genes are similar to those of an unrelated person?

a.20 percent

b.50 percent

c.75 percent

d.99.9 percent

172.What dispensable amino acid becomes essential in people with PKU?





173.What is the incidence of PKU in infants in North America?

a.1 per 15,000 births

b.1 per 100,000 births

c.1 per 500,000 births

d.1 per 1,000,000 births

174.How does the mutation responsible for   phenylketonuria affect diet?

a.Infant formula is sweetened with aspartame instead of sugar.

b.Tyrosine becomes a dietary requirement.

c.Dietary phenylalanine must be totally eliminated.

d.Special enzyme supplements must be consumed before eating foods containing protein..

175.Dietary restriction of phenylalanine combined with adequate tyrosine is the usual treatment for people born with which of the following disorders?







161.If a person consumed 65 g of protein and a total : 1401597

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