21. A father tells the nurse that his daughter wants : 1361490

21. A father tells the nurse that his daughter wants : 1361490.


21. A father tells the nurse that his daughter wants the same plate and cup used at every meal, even if they go to a restaurant. The nurse should explain that this is:

a. a sign the child is spoiled.

b. a way to exert unhealthy control.

c. regression, common at this age.

d. ritualism, common at this age.

22. Developmentally, most children at age 12 months:

a. use a spoon adeptly.

b. relinquish the bottle voluntarily.

c. eat the same food as the rest of the family.

d. reject all solid food in preference to the bottle.

23. The most effective way to clean a toddler’s teeth is for the:

a. child to brush regularly with a toothpaste of his or her choice.

b. parent to stabilize the chin with one hand and brush with the other.

c. parent to brush the mandibular occlusive surfaces, leaving the rest for the child.

d. parent to brush the front labial surfaces, leaving the rest for the child.

24. Which is an appropriate recommendation for preventing tooth decay in young children?

a. Substitute raisins for candy.

b. Substitute sugarless gum for regular gum.

c. Use honey or molasses instead of refined sugar.

d. When sweets are to be eaten, select a time not during meals.

25. Which is the leading cause of death during the toddler period?

a. Injuries

b. Infectious diseases

c. Congenital disorders

d. Childhood diseases

26. Kimberly’s parents have been using a rearward-facing, convertible car seat since she was born. Most car seats can be safely switched to the forward-facing position when the child reaches which age?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

27. The nurse recommends to parents that peanuts are not a good snack food for toddlers. The nurse’s rationale for this action is that they:

a. are low in nutritive value.

b. are high in sodium.

c. cannot be entirely digested.

d. can be easily aspirated.

28. The parent of a 16-month-old toddler asks, “What is the best way to keep our son from getting into our medicines at home?” The nurse’s best advice is:

a. “All medicines should be locked securely away.”

b. “The medicines should be placed in high cabinets.”

c. “The child just needs to be taught not to touch medicines.”

d. “Medicines should not be kept in the homes of small children.”

29. The most fatal type of burn in the toddler age group is:

a. flame burn from playing with matches.

b. scald burn from high-temperature tap water.

c. hot object burn from cigarettes or irons.

d. electric burn from electric outlets.

30. Which play item should the nurse bring from the playroom to a hospitalized toddler in isolation?

a. Small plastic Lego

b. Set of large plastic building blocks

c. Brightly colored balloon

d. Coloring book and crayons

31. A nurse places some x-ray contrast the toddler is to drink in a small cup instead of a large cup. Which concept of a toddler’s preoperational thinking is the nurse using?

a. Inability to conserve

b. Magical thinking

c. Centration

d. Irreversibility

32. Parents need further teaching about the use of car safety seats if they make which statement?

a. “Even if our toddler helps buckle the straps, we will double-check the fastenings.”

b. “We won’t start the car until everyone is properly restrained.”

c. “We won’t need to use the car seat on short trips to the store.”

d. “We will anchor the car seat to the car’s anchoring system.”


1. Which are characteristic of physical development of a 30-month-old child? (Select all that apply.)

a. Birth weight has doubled.

b. Primary dentition is complete.

c. Sphincter control is achieved.

d. Anterior fontanel is open.

e. Length from birth is doubled.

f. Left or right handedness is established.

2. Which should the nurse teach to parents of toddlers about accidental poison prevention? (Select all that apply.)

a. Keep toxic substances in the garage.

b. Discard empty poison containers.

c. Know the number of the nearest poison control center.

d. Remove colorful labels from containers of toxic substances.

e. Caution child against eating nonedible items, such as plants.

3. Which gross motor milestones should the nurse assess in an 18-month-old child? (Select all that apply.)

a. Jumps in place with both feet

b. Takes a few steps on tiptoe

c. Throws ball overhand without falling

d. Pulls and pushes toys

e. Stands on one foot momentarily



21. A father tells the nurse that his daughter wants : 1361490

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