21. A school-age child has sustained a head injury and : 1361547

21. A school-age child has sustained a head injury and : 1361547.


21. A school-age child has sustained a head injury and multiple fractures after being thrown from a horse. The child’s level of consciousness is variable. The parents tell the nurse that they think their child is in pain because of periodic crying and restlessness. The most appropriate nursing action is to:

a. discuss with parents the child’s previous experiences with pain.

b. discuss with practitioner what analgesia can be safely administered.

c. explain that analgesia is contraindicated with a head injury.

d. explain that analgesia is unnecessary when child is not fully awake and alert.

22. A 5-year-old girl sustained a concussion when she fell out of a tree. In preparation for discharge, the nurse is discussing home care with her mother. Which statement made by the mother indicates a correct understanding of the teaching?

a. “I should expect my child to have a few episodes of vomiting.”

b. “If I notice sleep disturbances, I should contact the physician immediately.”

c. “I should expect my child to have some behavioral changes after the accident.”

d. “If I notice diplopia, I will have my child rest for 1 hour.”

23. A 3-year-old child is hospitalized after a submersion injury. The child’s mother complains to the nurse, “Being at the hospital seems unnecessary when he is perfectly fine.” The nurse’s best reply should be:

a. “He still needs a little extra oxygen.”

b. “I’m sure he is fine, but the doctor wants to make sure.”

c. “The reason for this is that complications could still occur.”

d. “It is important to observe for possible central nervous system problems.”

24. The most common clinical manifestation(s) of brain tumors in children is/are:

a. irritability.

b. seizures.

c. headaches and vomiting.

d. fever and poor fine motor control.

25. A 5-year-old boy is being prepared for surgery to remove a brain tumor. Nursing actions should be based on which statement?

a. Removal of tumor will stop the various symptoms.

b. Usually the postoperative dressing covers the entire scalp.

c. He is not old enough to be concerned about his head being shaved.

d. He is not old enough to understand the significance of the brain.

26. The nurse is teaching nursing students about childhood nervous system tumors. Which best describes a neuroblastoma?

a. Diagnosis is usually made after metastasis occurs.

b. Early diagnosis is usually possible because of the obvious clinical manifestations.

c. It is the most common brain tumor in young children.

d. It is the most common benign tumor in young children.

27. The mother of a 1-month-old infant tells the nurse she worries that her baby will get meningitis like her oldest son did when he was an infant. The nurse should base her response on which statement?

a. Meningitis rarely occurs during infancy.

b. Often a genetic predisposition to meningitis is found.

c. Vaccination to prevent all types of meningitis is now available.

d. Vaccination to prevent Haemophilus influenzae type B meningitis has decreased the frequency of this disease in children.

H. influenzae type B meningitis has been virtually eradicated in areas of the world where the vaccine is administered routinely. Bacterial meningitis remains a serious illness in children. It is significant because of the residual damage caused by undiagnosed and untreated or inadequately treated cases. The leading causes of neonatal meningitis are the group B streptococci and Escherichia coli organisms. Meningitis is an extension of a variety of bacterial infections. No genetic predisposition exists. Vaccinations are not available for all of the potential causative organisms.

28. The vector reservoir for agents causing viral encephalitis in the United States is:

a. tarantula spiders.

b. mosquitoes.

c. carnivorous wild animals.

d. domestic and wild animals.

29. Which is beneficial in reducing the risk of Reye syndrome?

a. Immunization against the disease

b. Medical attention for all head injuries

c. Prompt treatment of bacterial meningitis

d. Avoidance of aspirin to treat fever associated with influenza

30. When taking the history of a child hospitalized with Reye syndrome, the nurse should not be surprised that a week ago the child had recovered from:

a. measles.

b. varicella.

c. meningitis.

d. hepatitis.



21. A school-age child has sustained a head injury and : 1361547

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