21. Frequent urine testing for specific gravity and glucose required : 1361517

21. Frequent urine testing for specific gravity and glucose required : 1361517.


21. Frequent urine testing for specific gravity and glucose are required on a 6-month-old infant. Which is the most appropriate way to collect small amounts of urine for these tests?

a. Apply a urine-collection bag to perineal area.

b. Tape a small medicine cup to inside of diaper.

c. Aspirate urine from cotton balls inside diaper with a syringe.

d. Aspirate urine from superabsorbent disposable diaper with a syringe.

22. Which is an important nursing consideration when performing a bladder catheterization on a young boy?

a. Clean technique, not standard precautions, is needed.

b. Insert 2% lidocaine lubricant into the urethra.

c. Lubricate catheter with water-soluble lubricant such as K-Y Jelly.

d. Delay catheterization for 20 minutes while anesthetic lubricant is absorbed.

23. The Allen test is performed as a precautionary measure before which procedure?

a. Heel stick

b. Venipuncture

c. Arterial puncture

d. Lumbar puncture

24. The nurse must do a heel stick on an ill neonate to obtain a blood sample. Which is recommended to facilitate this?

a. Apply cool, moist compresses.

b. Apply a tourniquet to ankle.

c. Elevate foot for 5 minutes.

d. Wrap foot in a warm washcloth.

25. The nurse has just collected blood by venipuncture in the antecubital fossa. Which should the nurse do next?

a. Keep arm extended while applying a bandage to the site.

b. Keep arm extended, and apply pressure to the site for a few minutes.

c. Apply a bandage to the site, and keep the arm flexed for 10 minutes.

d. Apply a gauze pad or cotton ball to the site, and keep the arm flexed for several minutes.

26. A nurse must do a venipuncture on a 6-year-old child. Which is an important consideration in providing atraumatic care?

a. Use an 18-gauge needle if possible.

b. If not successful after four attempts, have another nurse try.

c. Restrain child only as needed to perform venipuncture safely.

d. Show child equipment to be used before procedure.

27. An appropriate method for administering oral medications that are bitter to an infant or small child would be to mix them with:

a. a bottle of formula or milk.

b. any food the child is going to eat.

c. a small amount (1 teaspoon) of a sweet-tasting substance such as jam or ice cream.

d. large amounts of water to dilute medication sufficiently.

28. When liquid medication is given to a crying 10-month-old infant, which approach minimizes the possibility of aspiration?

a. Administer the medication with a syringe (without needle) placed along the side of the infant’s tongue.

b. Administer the medication as rapidly as possible with the infant securely restrained.

c. Mix the medication with the infant’s regular formula or juice and administer by bottle.

d. Keep the child upright with the nasal passages blocked for a minute after administration.

29. Which is the preferred site for intramuscular injections in infants?

a. Deltoid

b. Dorsogluteal

c. Rectus femoris

d. Vastus lateralis

30. Guidelines for intramuscular administration of medication in school-age children include which action?

a. Inject medication as rapidly as possible.

b. Insert needle quickly, using a dartlike motion.

c. Penetrate skin immediately after cleansing site, before skin has dried.

d. Have child stand, if possible, and if child is cooperative.



21. Frequent urine testing for specific gravity and glucose required : 1361517

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