21.Look at the examples Mr. Lanier used to teach the : 1200740

21.Look at the examples Mr. Lanier used to teach the : 1200740.


21.Look at the examples Mr. Lanier used to teach the concept. Of the following, which was most important for providing an adequate variety of examples?






Use the following information for items 22 and 23.


Mr. Andriesse has taught his fifth graders about metaphors and similes.  He gave them several examples of each, and they also formed a definition of each.  He then supplied the term metaphor and linked it to its definition and then introduced the term simile and linked it to its definition.


22.Later (the next day), Mr. Andriesse’s students could identify other examples of similes and metaphors on a worksheet (the same worksheet).  This ability most closely relates to:

a.learning facts.

b.learning concepts.

c.learning principles.

d.learning theories.


23.Mr. Andriesse chose to teach the concepts metaphor and simile together. Based on research examining effective ways of teaching concepts, which of the following is the most likely reason that he would choose to teach the concepts together?

a.Since simile and metaphor are closely related, examples of one could serve as nonexamples for the other.

b.Teaching the concepts together would provide less for Mr. Andriesse to remember, so teaching them together would be less likely to overload his working memory.

c.Teaching the concepts together would help him capitalize on the process of generalization; reinforcing the students for correctly identifying similes would also reinforce them for correctly identifying metaphors.

d.Teaching the concepts together would make it more efficient for Mr. Andriesse to model correct classifications of the concepts.


24.In teaching the concept culture, which of the following would be the best way to increase conceptual understanding?

a.Have the students read about the topic of culture.

b.Schedule a video that talks about a different culture.

c.Invite guest speakers to come to discuss their attitudes toward different cultural groups.

d.Have students provide their own unique examples of cultures.




25. You are teaching the concept living thing to your first graders and have presented the students with the following examples: themselves, a cat, a dog, a lizard, a fish, and a bird.  Of the following, the most important example to show them in addition would be:

a.one of their grandparents.

b.a snake.

c.a whale.

d.a tree.


26. You want your students to understand that “Moving objects tend to keep moving in a straight line unless a force acts on them.” You provide examples, such as rolling a tennis ball across the floor, guiding the students to see that it travels in a straight line. Of the following, the complex cognitive processes your students were involved in mostly closely relates to:

a.concept learning.

b.problem solving.

c.strategic learning.

d.critical thinking.


27.You want to teach your students the concept work and that work is the combination of force and movement. Of the following, the most effective way to illustrate the concept is to:

a.ask students to describe the definition of work.

b.ask students to tell you the difference between force and work.

c.tell the students that today you are going to learn about the concept work.

d.have a student sit in a chair, and have another student pull the chair across the room.


28.You want to teach your students the concept of internal conflict. Of the following, the best example for teaching the concept would be:

a.a picture of a girl with a thoughtful look on her face.

b.a picture of a girl with a thoughtful look on her face together with the teacher saying, “The girl in the picture is experiencing internal conflict.”

c.the statement, “Internal conflict represents a dilemma where a person is caught between two unpleasant alternatives,” displayed on the overhead.

d.the statement, “Kelly didn’t know what to do.  She was looking forward to the class trip, but if she went she wouldn’t be able to take the scholarship qualifying test,” displayed on the overhead.


Items 29 and 30 are related.


29.You want to teach, “The molecules of a solid are in an orderly pattern, while the molecules of a liquid are not.” Which of the following best describes the type of learning involved in your goal?

a.Concept learning

b.Problem solving


d.Fact learning


30.Of the following, what is the best way to illustrate, “The molecules of a solid are in an orderly pattern, while the molecules of a liquid are not?”

a.Show the students a cup of water, and have the students compare it with an ice cube.

b.Show the students a cup of water, have the students compare it with an ice cube, and then tell the students that the molecules are in an orderly pattern in the ice cube, but they are not in the cup of water.

c.Show the students a cup of water, an ice cube, and a drawing representing the molecules with their respective arrangements in each.

d.Define the term orderly, link it to the term chaotic, and explain that solids are orderly and liquids are chaotic.




21.Look at the examples Mr. Lanier used to teach the : 1200740

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