21. The nurse planning care for a family expecting their : 1361476

21. The nurse planning care for a family expecting their : 1361476.


21. The nurse is planning care for a family expecting their newborn to die. The nurse’s interventions should be based on which statement?

a. Tangible remembrances of the newborn (e.g., lock of hair, picture) prolong grief.

b. Photographs of newborns should not be taken after the death has occurred.

c. Funerals are not recommended because mother is still recovering from childbirth.

d. Parents should be encouraged to name their newborn if they have not done so already.

22. The nurse has been caring for a newborn who just died. The parents are present but say they are “afraid” to hold the dead newborn. Which is the most appropriate nursing intervention?

a. Tell them there is nothing to fear.

b. Insist that they hold newborn “one last time.”

c. Respect their wishes and release body to morgue.

d. Keep newborn’s body available for a few hours in case they change their minds.

23. The nurse is planning care for a low-birth-weight newborn. Which is an appropriate nursing intervention to promote adequate oxygenation?

a. Place in Trendelenburg position periodically.

b. Suction at least every 2 to 3 hours.

c. Maintain neutral thermal environment.

d. Hyperextend neck with nose pointing to ceiling.

24. A preterm newborn has been receiving orogastric feedings of breast milk. The nurse initiates nipple feedings, but the newborn tires easily and has weak sucking and swallowing reflexes. The most appropriate nursing intervention is to:

a. encourage mother to breastfeed.

b. try nipple-feeding preterm newborn formula.

c. resume orogastric feedings of breast milk.

d. resume orogastric feedings of formula.

25. The parents of a newborn who has just died decide they want to hold their deceased infant. The most appropriate nursing intervention at this time is to:

a. explain gently that this is no longer possible.

b. encourage parents to accept the loss of their newborn.

c. offer to take a photograph of their newborn because they cannot hold newborn.

d. get the newborn, wrap in a blanket, and rewarm in a radiant warmer so parents can hold their deceased infant.

26. Which statement best describes the clinical manifestations of the preterm newborn?

a. Head is proportionately small in relation to the body.

b. Sucking reflex is absent, weak, or ineffectual.

c. Thermostability is well established.

d. Extremities remain in attitude of flexion.

27. Physiologic jaundice in a newborn can be caused by:

a. fetal-maternal blood incompatibility.

b. destruction of red blood cells as a result of antibody reaction.

c. liver’s inability to bind bilirubin adequately for excretion.

d. immature kidneys’ inability to hydrolyze and excrete bilirubin.

28. When should the nurse expect breastfeeding-associated jaundice to first appear in a normal newborn?

a. 0 to 12 hours

b. 12 to 24 hours

c. 2 to 4 days

d. 4 to 5 days

29. The newborn with severe jaundice is at risk for developing:

a. encephalopathy.

b. bullous impetigo.

c. respiratory distress.

d. blood incompatibility.

30. Early clinical manifestations of bilirubin encephalopathy in the newborn include:

a. mental retardation.

b. absence of stooling.

c. lethargy or irritability.

d. increased or decreased temperature.



21. The nurse planning care for a family expecting their : 1361476

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