21. The trend in online focus groups is A) moving away : 1260315

21. The trend in online focus groups is
A) moving away : 1260315.


21. The trend in online focus groups is

A) moving away from asynchronous to real-time communication

B) to run over a few days to as long as two weeks.

C) both of the above

D) none of the above

22. According to the text, researchers should use in-depth interviews for all of the following EXCEPT when:

A) questions are directly related to specific respondent segments and individual behavior.

B) questions seek to explore disparate views via consensus or debate.

C) usability testing of a device or process is sought

D) subject matter is highly sensitive

23. _______________are indirect methods of qualitative research using ambiguous stimuli that allow respondents to project their emotions, feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs onto third-parties or inanimate objects.

A) depth interviews

B) projective techniques

C) pilot studies

D) quasi-experiments

24. ______ is a qualitative projective research technique where respondents are read a series of words and asked to respond with the first word that comes to mind

A) word association

B) word triggering

C) word correlation

D) word matching

25. ________ approach involves showing respondents a picture or series of pictures and asking them to tell a story about what they see

A) book reading

B) story telling

C) picture association

D) graphical analysis

26. To get gather accurate information from respondents, especially about sensitive subjects that in some way may negatively impact a person’s image or which may be seen as socially unacceptable, researchers can use a

A) hidden trigger

B) third-person technique

C) depth interview

D) word association

27. ___________ qualitative projective technique that uses an in-depth interview of collected pictures to uncover emotions and subconscious beliefs and attitudes.

A) story telling



D) probing interview

28.__________ refers to the extent an individual’s life is intertwined with the life of others and society

A) Collectivism

B) Interdependence

C) Socialism

D) Connectivity

29. In relation to various cultures throughout the world, which of the following is true:

A) western cultures tend to take a long-term orientation versus the short-term orientation found in eastern cultures

B) participants in collectivist cultures not to express opinions that will differ from others or what they believe the moderator is seeking

C) both of the above

D) none of the above

30. _______ are frequently calculated in marketing research when numerical data representing actual quantities are collected.

A) means

B) median

C) modes

D) kurtosis

31. For instance, in western cultures _________ tends to be dominant. But, in eastern cultures _________ tends to be dominant.

A) individualism, collectivism

B) collectivism, individualism

C) individualism, centralism

D) centralism, individualism

32. __________ refers to the extent an individual’s life is intertwined with the life of others and society.

A) individualism

B) collectivism

C) centralism

D) none of the above

33. The __________ is particularly helpful in better understanding the central tendency of a variable when extreme observations, called outliers, are present.

A) median

B) mean

C) mode

D) harmonic mean

34. The __________ is the only measure of central tendency which can be used with classification data

A) median

B) mean

C) mode

D) harmonic mean



21. The trend in online focus groups is
A) moving away : 1260315

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