21. What distended sebaceous glands that appear as tiny white papules : 1361471

21. What distended sebaceous glands that appear as tiny white papules : 1361471.


21. What are distended sebaceous glands that appear as tiny white papules on cheeks, chin, and nose in the newborn period called?



c.Mongolian spots

d.Cutis marmorata

22. Where would nonpathologic cyanosis normally be present in the newborn shortly after birth?

a.Feet and hands

b.Bridge of nose

c.Circumoral area

d.Mucous membranes

23. What term describes irregular areas of deep blue pigmentation seen predominantly in newborns of African, Asian, Native American, or Hispanic descent?


b.Erythema toxicum

c.Mongolian spots

d.Harlequin color changes

24. The nurse observes flaring of nares in a newborn. This should be interpreted as:

a.nasal occlusion.

b.sign of respiratory distress.

c.common response to sneezing.

d.snuffles of congenital syphilis.

25. A nurse has completed an assessment on a newborn. Which finding is considered abnormal?


b.Profuse drooling

c.Dark green or black stools

d.Slight vaginal reddish discharge

26. Which is most important in the immediate care of the newborn?

a.Maintain patent airway.

b.Maintain stable body temperature.

c.Administer prophylactic eye care.

d.Establish identification of mother and baby.

27. The nurse is careful to place the incubator away from cold windows or air-conditioning units. This is to conserve the newborn’s body heat by preventing heat loss through:





28. Parents of a newborn ask the nurse why vitamin K is being administered. The nurse accurately responds by explaining phytonadione (vitamin K) is administered to the newborn to:

a.prevent bleeding.

b.enhance immune response.

c.prevent bacterial infection.

d.maintain nutritional status.

29. In the newborn, intramuscular phytonadione (vitamin K) is administered into which muscle?



c.Vastus medialis

d.Vastus lateralis

30. Recommendations for hepatitis B (HBV) vaccine include which statement?

a.First dose is given between birth and age 2 days.

b.First dose is given between ages 12 and 15 months.

c.It is not recommended for neonates who are at low risk for hepatitis B.

d.It is not recommended for neonates whose mothers are positive for HBV surface antigen.



21. What distended sebaceous glands that appear as tiny white papules : 1361471

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