21. When not enough scientific evidence available to establish a : 1361622

21. When not enough scientific evidence available to establish a : 1361622.


21. When not enough scientific evidence is available to establish a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), the value used to guide intake is called the

a. Dietary Reference Intake (DRI).

b. tolerable upper intake level (UL).

c. estimated average requirement (EAR).

d. adequate intake (AI).

22. You are asked to help plan meals for a local monthly community dinner meeting for the elderly. The tool that would be most helpful for planning healthy meals is the

a. Dietary Reference Intakes.

b. Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

c. MyPlate food guidance system.

d. basic four food groups.

23. You are asked to explain the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to an adult community evening class at the local college. The most appropriate areas to cover in teaching this topic include

a. appropriate amounts of sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol, trans—fatty acids, whole grains, and alcohol.

b. adequate calories and protein for weight maintenance, smoking cessation, herbal supplements, and food fads.

c. importance of low-carbohydrate diets, smoking cessation, herbal supplements, appropriate food groups, and sodium and potassium.

d. food security, weight maintenance, glucose monitoring, and blood pressure monitoring technique.

24. A patient asks you what he should eat to maintain an optimal diet. An appropriate response would be to

a. eat a variety of foods and eat in moderation.

b. avoid all fast food and processed foods.

c. eat only natural, organic foods.

d. use vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure adequate nutrients.

25. The goal of the MyPlate food guide is to promote

a. variety, proportion moderation, gradual improvements, and physical activity.

b. physical activity, portion control, daily blood pressure monitoring, and gradual improvements in health.

c. portion control, daily physical activity, daily glucose monitoring, moderation, and variety.

d. variety, moderation, weighing food portions, daily blood pressure monitoring, and glucose monitoring.

26. A patient is to receive 2400 kcal/day while recovering from a motor vehicle accident. He is to receive 50% of calories from carbohydrates, 25% of calories from fat, and 25% of calories from protein. Which of the following represents the appropriate calories for each substrate?

a. 1500 kcal from carbohydrates, 500 kcal from fat, and 400 kcal from protein

b. 1400 kcal from carbohydrates, 600 kcal from fat, and 400 kcal from protein

c. 1200 kcal from carbohydrates, 600 kcal from fat, and 600 kcal from protein

d. 1600 kcal from carbohydrates, 400 kcal from fat, and 400 kcal from protein

2400 kcal ´ 0.50 = 1200 kcal from carbohydrates; 2400 kcal ´ 0.25 = 600 kcal from fat; and 2400 kcal ´ 0.25 = 600 kcal from protein.

27. A patient is placed on a 2300-kcal diet. The health care provider is asked to calculate the grams of carbohydrates he is receiving from the diet. The number of grams of carbohydrates is

a. 50 g.

b. 35 g.

c. 250 g.

d. impossible to calculate from this data.

28. A 52-year-old single woman comes to the health professional for advice on maintaining optimal nutritional health. Her food intake records indicate that she likes to eat at fast food restaurants at least twice a week, and relies on processed foods for the majority of her dietary intake. She maintains an active lifestyle and works part time at the local bank. The next step to assist this woman would be to

a. assess meal plan options along with the ability to prepare nutritious foods.

b. obtain laboratory values to further assess her nutrition status and recommend supplementing her diet with vitamins and minerals.

c. find ways to decrease eating at fast food restaurants and incorporate physical exercise into her daily routine.

d. recommend that she use the MyPlate food guide to change her eating style and attend cooking classes at the local community center.

29. The person most at risk for malnutrition would be a(n)

a. active young adult who eats 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables along with lean meats and fish and complex carbohydrates and exercises 3 times a week.

b. young child who refuses to eat peas, green beans, and broccoli but loves fruits and other vegetables.

c. middle-aged man undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia and who is having difficulty eating solid food.

d. young weight lifter who has recently undergone surgery for a compound fracture of his left femur.

30. C.G. is a 45-year-old man who has a history of diabetes, and the dietary history reveals that he enjoys a good breakfast with whole grain cereal and fruit. For lunch he usually eats soup or an entrée consisting of a salad and meat along with 2% milk and a sugared soda. He usually has an afternoon snack of chips and sugared soda and dinner is eaten at a restaurant most days of the week where he chooses steaks, hamburgers, and fries or onion rings along with a salad and a beer or other high- calorie beverage. One of the most important recommendations for C.G. would be

a. not to eat at restaurants on a regular basis unless he chooses salads only along with water.

b. to continue with whole grains, lean proteins, and vegetables and replace sugary sodas with sugar-free beverages.

c. to drink skim milk and eliminate soups, replacing them with fatty fish five meals a week.

d. to enjoy his diet as is but encourage adequate amounts of exercise throughout the week.



21. When not enough scientific evidence available to establish a : 1361622

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