21. Which of the following NOT an example of respondent : 1260284

21. Which of the following NOT an example of respondent : 1260284.


21. Which of the following is NOT an example of respondent demographic information?

A) age

B) income

C) zip code

D) all the above are demographics

22. The appropriate descriptive statistic for demographic questions such as ethnicity would be:

A) mode

B) median

C) mean

D) standard deviation

23. Of the six categories of questionnaire questions, which one does the investigation of feelings toward a brand fall under?

A) knowledge

B) attitudes

C) classification

D) intentions

24. The problem of slipping jargon or language into a question that the researcher understands, but the respondent does not fall under the category of  __________.

A) ambiguity

B) clarity

C) bias

D) conciseness

25. A ________question involves asking respondents two questions in one.

A) double-barreled

B) dichotomous

C) probing

D) leading

26. ________ leads the respondent to the desired answer.

A) double-barreled

B) dichotomous

C) probing

D) leading

27. The question “Because of the harmful impact of second-hand cigarette smoke, are you in favor of banning smoking on our college campus?” is an example of a _______ question.

A) double-barreled

B) dichotomous

C) probing

D) leading

28. ________  means that responses given by a particular respondent can never be identified or tied to that particular person.

A) Anonymity

B) Confidentiality

C) Guarenty

D) Warrenty

29. ________means that although a researcher can identify who completed a particular survey, the researcher pledges to never reveal who the individual was that completed the survey.

A) Anonymity

B) Confidentiality

C) Guarenty

D) Warrenty

30. To overcome a questionnaire becoming too long, researchers might use a:

A) Split questionnaire design

B) subsystem of comparative scales

C) constant sum design

D) break off rate quota

31. To ensure individuals read a series of statements within a scale, researchers often reverse questions. To make the scale consistent, researchers normally:

A) recode negative items by reversing the scale

B) subtract the negative item scores from the positive items scores

C) add the negative item scores to the positive item scores

D) take the absolute value of all original items and then average them



21. Which of the following NOT an example of respondent : 1260284

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