21. Young people with anorexia nervosa often described as being: a. : 1361502

21. Young people with anorexia nervosa often described as being:
a. : 1361502.


21. Young people with anorexia nervosa are often described as being:

a. independent.

b. disruptive.

c. conforming.

d. low achieving.

22. The weight loss of anorexia nervosa is usually triggered by

a. sexual abuse.

b. school failure.

c. independence from family.

d. traumatic interpersonal conflict.

23. Which symptoms should the nurse expect to observe during the physical assessment of an adolescent girl with severe weight loss and disrupted metabolism associated with anorexia nervosa?

a. Dysmenorrhea and oliguria

b. Tachycardia and tachypnea

c. Heat intolerance and increased blood pressure

d. Lowered body temperature and brittle nails

24. Which is descriptive of bulimia during adolescence?

a. Strong sense of control over eating behavior

b. Feelings of elation after the binge-purge cycle

c. Profound lack of awareness that the eating pattern is abnormal

d. Weight that can be normal, slightly above normal, or below normal

25. An adolescent teen has bulimia. Which assessment finding should the nurse expect to assess?

a. Diarrhea

b. Amenorrhea

c. Cold intolerance

d. Erosion of tooth enamel

26. Which is descriptive of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

a. Manifestations exhibited are so bizarre that the diagnosis is fairly easy.

b. Manifestations affect every aspect of the child’s life but are most obvious in the classroom.

c. Learning disabilities associated with ADHD eventually disappear when adulthood is reached.

d. Diagnosis of ADHD requires that all manifestations of the disorder be present.

27. The nurse is teaching the parents of a child recently diagnosed with ADHD who has been prescribed methylphenidate (Ritalin). Which should the nurse include in teaching about the side effects of methylphenidate?

a. “Your child may experience a sense of nervousness.”

b. “You may see an increase in your child’s appetite.”

c. “Your child may experience daytime sleepiness.”

d. “You may see a decrease in your child’s blood pressure.”

28. Which is an important consideration when the nurse is discussing enuresis with the parents of a young child?

a. Enuresis is more common in girls than in boys.

b. Enuresis is neither inherited nor has a familial tendency.

c. Organic causes that may be related to enuresis should be considered first.

d. Psychogenic factors that cause enuresis persist into adulthood.

29. The nurse is assisting the family of a child with a history of encopresis. Which should be included in the nurse’s discussion with this family?

a. Instruct the parents to sit the child on the toilet at twice-daily routine intervals.

b. Instruct the parents that the child will probably need to have daily enemas.

c. Suggest the use of stimulant cathartics weekly.

d. Reassure the family that most problems are resolved successfully, with some relapses during periods of stress.

30. A mother calls the school nurse saying that her daughter has developed a school phobia. She has been out of school 3 days. The nurse’s recommendations should include which intervention?

a. Immediately return child to school.

b. Explain to child that this is the last day she can stay home.

c. Determine cause of phobia before returning child to school.

d. Seek professional counseling before forcing child to return to school.



21. Young people with anorexia nervosa often described as being:
a. : 1361502

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