31) A toxin that blocks the stomach’s ability to release : 1200303

31) A toxin that blocks the stomach’s ability to release : 1200303.


31) A toxin that blocks the stomach’s ability to release intrinsic factor would most likely cause

A) hemophilia.

B) an embolism.

C) leukopenia.

D) iron deficiency anemia.

E) pernicious anemia.

32) Erythropoietin is most likely released under which of the following conditions?

A) during anemia

B) when the respiratory surfaces of the lungs are optimally enhanced

C) when the carbon dioxide content of air in the lungs declines

D) during erythrocytosis

E) when blood flow to the thymus declines

33) Without mitochondria, RBCs are relatively inefficient in terms of energy use, but advantageous to RBC function. Why?

A) It ensures that its iron component will interact with the plasma protein, transferrin.

B) It stimulates the conversion of yellow bone marrow to red bone marrow.

C) It stimulates the absorption of vitamin B12.

D) It ensures that its iron component is converted to bilirubin.

E) It ensures that any oxygen the RBCs absorb will be delivered to peripheral tissues.

34) As blood flows through peripheral tissues, what occurs regarding the hemoglobin molecules of RBCs?

A) Hemoglobin binds oxygen and releases its bound carbon dioxide.

B) Hemoglobin releases carbon dioxide and oxygen.

C) Hemoglobin binds oxygen and carbon dioxide.

D) Hemoglobin binds carbon dioxide and releases its bound oxygen.

E) Hemoglobin gains an increase in its oxygen-carrying capacity.

35) Which of the following represents the correct sequence of stages in RBC maturation?

A) stem cell, erythroblast stage, proerythroblast, reticulocyte, RBC

B) hemocytoblast, myeloblast, reticulocyte, megakaryocyte, RBC

C) myeloid stem cell, proerythroblast, erythroblast, reticulocyte, RBC

D) monoblast, promonocyte, myelocyte, band cell, RBC

E) lymphoblast, proerythroblast, reticulocyte, band cell, RBC

36) A person’s blood type is determined by the

A) size of the red blood cells.

B) shape of the red blood cells.

C) chemical character of the hemoglobin.

D) presence or absence of specific surface antigens on the plasma membrane.

E) number of specific molecules on the plasma membrane.

37) Agglutinogens of the various blood types are examples of

A) surface antibodies.

B) channel proteins.

C) leukocytes.

D) surface antigens.

E) agranulocytes.

38) Agglutinins

A) are surface antigens on RBCs.

B) prevent blood clotting.

C) are substances that can trigger a protective defense mechanism called an immune response.

D) are antibodies that will attack surface antigens on RBCs of a different blood type.

E) contain abundant stained “granules.”

39) Type AB blood contains

A) A agglutinins on the red blood cells.

B) agglutinogen A and agglutinogen B.

C) B agglutinogens on the red blood cells.

D) B agglutinins in the plasma.

E) agglutinin A and B.

40) Bill wants to determine his blood type, so he takes a few drops of blood from a puncture wound in his finger and mixes it with various antisera. His blood cells agglutinate when mixed with the anti-A serum and anti-Rh serum, but not with the anti-B serum. This means

A) Bill could receive type B blood in a transfusion.

B) Bill could donate blood to an individual with type AB blood.

C) Bill is Rh-negative.

D) Bill’s plasma would cross-react with type O negative red blood cells.

E) Bill’s plasma contains anti-B antibodies.



31) A toxin that blocks the stomach’s ability to release : 1200303

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