31.An increase in a behavior as the result of a : 1200698

31.An increase in a behavior as the result of a : 1200698.


31.An increase in a behavior as the result of a consequence that follows the behavior best describes:






32.The process of increasing a behavior by providing a desired consequence is:

a.positive reinforcement.

b.negative reinforcement.

c.presentation punishment.

d.removal punishment.


33.Teachers consciously try to praise students for good work and desirable behavior.  Praise is intended as:


b.a conditioned stimulus.

c.a positive reinforcer.

d.a form of modeling.


34.Robert continues to improve in spelling because he has been receiving happy-face stickers when his scores on spelling quizzes improve. Of the following, which is the best description of the happy-face stickers?

a.They are positive reinforcers.

b.They are negative reinforcers.

c.They are conditioned stimuli.

d.They are forms of response cost.


35.Schools often give certificates to students, which parents are encouraged to stick on the bumpers of their cars.  The certificates typically say something such as:


The certificates are intended as:

a.positive reinforcers.

b.negative reinforcers.

c.classical conditioners.

d.vicarious reinforcers.


36.Mr. Lynch has always used his “mean face” to stop undesirable behavior in his first graders.  However, even though he looks at Tommy with this face each time Tommy talks out of turn, Tommy is talking more than ever now.  For Tommy the “mean face” is apparently a:

a.positive reinforcer.

b.negative reinforcer.

c.presentation punisher.

d.conditioned stimulus.


  37.Jolene does not turn in her homework regularly. The teacher is particularly concerned because without regular practice she will fall behind and she is a talented student in math.  Jolene is given a token for every homework assignment she completes.  When she has eight tokens, she gets two bonus points on her math average.  She is now doing her homework regularly. This displays which type of operant conditioning?

a.Positive reinforcement

b.Negative reinforcement

c.Presentation punishment

d.Removal punishment


38.Using a more frequent or more desired activity as a reinforcer for a less frequent or less preferred activity is an application of the:

a.Premack Principle.

b.First Law of Practice.

c.Principle of Contiguity.

d.Law of Effect.


39.The Premack principle is an application of:






40.Of the following, the statement that best illustrates the Premack principle is:

a.“We are now five minutes into our lunch period.  If you keep talking we’ll miss it altogether.”

b.“As soon as you’ve finished your seat work, I’ll let you start on your art projects.”

c.“Let’s run through our examples once more.  What is 7 times 8?”

d.“That’s a good start, Steve.  Now let’s try to finish the problem.”




31.An increase in a behavior as the result of a : 1200698

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