31) Evidence that supports the theory of evolution found in : 1380838

31) Evidence that supports the theory of evolution found in : 1380838.



31) Evidence that supports the theory of evolution is found in studies of:

A) molecular biology.

B) ancient manuscripts.

C) organs that show similar functions.

D) blending inheritance.


32) Scientists have been able to date objects from nearly the formation of the Earth using:

A) homologous features.

B) comparative morphology.

C) genetic clocks.

D) radiometric dating.


33) If you are studying the physical forms that organisms take, you are studying:

A) polygenic inheritance.

B) morphology.

C) comparative embryology.

D) vestigial characters.


34) The limbs of animals such as whales, cats, bats, and humans contain the same set of bones organized in similar ways yet have dissimilar functions. These structures are said to be:

A) vestigial.

B) morphological.

C) homologous.

D) polygenic.

35) Modern whales have bones that are remnants of a pelvis and legs that serve no function. This would be an example of a/an:

A) homologous structure.

B) vestigial character.

C) polygenic character.

D) analogous structure.


36) Comparison of gene sequences among species has revealed:

A) humans and yeast shared a recent common ancestor.

B) the greater the similarities in gene sequences, the more recently two species shared a common ancestor.

C) the greater the differences in gene sequences, the more recently two species shared a common ancestor.

D) humans and snakes are more closely related than humans and pigs.


37) The ultimate source of genetic differences among species is:

A) mutation.

B) natural selection.

C) the inheritance of acquired characteristics.

D) polygenic inheritance.


38) Which of the following does not provide evidence for evolution?

A) molecular biology

B) radiometric dating

C) the inheritance of acquired characteristics

D) the fossil record

E) comparative morphology

Refer to the scenario below and then answer the following question(s).


In a fossil bed, you discover the preserved bones of a winged animal mixed in with the bones of small rodents. The small rodents are known from other fossils to have lived about two million years ago, but they are now extinct.


39) What can you conclude from the fact that the bones of the winged animal are found in the same fossil bed as the rodent bones?

A) The winged animal is closely related to the small rodents.

B) Because it has bones, the winged animal is either a bird or a bat.

C) The winged animal lived at the same time as the small rodents.

D) The winged animal interacted with the small rodents when they were both alive, for example, the winged animal may have preyed on the rodents.


40) You examine the fossilized remains of the winged animal. Impressions in the surrounding rock suggest that the wings may have been covered with tiny hairs, which suggests that the animal is likely to have been a mammal. When you examine the remains of the wings, which of the following observations would be most surprising?

A) The animal appears to have five digits in each forelimb.

B) Several of the digits (“finger” bones) are extremely long, and look as if they supported a thin membrane.

C) The animal’s wings appear to be much larger than those of any known bat.

D) The animal appears to have two upper arm bones.





31) Evidence that supports the theory of evolution found in : 1380838

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