31. Several types of long-term central venous access devices used. : 1361518

31. Several types of long-term central venous access devices used. : 1361518.


31. Several types of long-term central venous access devices are used. Which is considered an advantage of a Hickman-Broviac catheter?

a. No need to keep exit site dry

b. Easy to use for self-administered infusions

c. Heparinized only monthly and after each infusion

d. No limitations on regular physical activity, including swimming

32. When teaching a mother how to administer eye drops, where should the nurse tell her to place them?

a. In the conjunctival sac that is formed when the lower lid is pulled down

b. Carefully under the eye lid while it is gently pulled upward

c. On the sclera while the child looks to the side

d. Anywhere as long as drops contact the eye’s surface

33. A 2-year-old child comes to the emergency department with dehydration and hypovolemic shock. Which best explains why an intraosseous infusion is started?

a. It is less painful for small children.

b. Rapid venous access is not possible.

c. Antibiotics must be started immediately.

d. Long-term central venous access is not possible.

34. When caring for a child with an intravenous infusion, the nurse should:

a. use a macrodropper to facilitate reaching the prescribed flow rate.

b. avoid restraining the child to prevent undue emotional stress.

c. change the insertion site every 24 hours.

d. observe the insertion site frequently for signs of infiltration.

35. Nursing considerations related to the administration of oxygen in an infant include to:

a. humidify oxygen if infant can tolerate it.

b. assess infant to determine how much oxygen should be given.

c. ensure uninterrupted delivery of the appropriate oxygen concentration.

d. direct oxygen flow so that it blows directly into the infant’s face in a hood.

36. It is important to make certain that sensory connectors and oximeters are compatible because wiring that is incompatible can cause:

a. hyperthermia.

b. electrocution.

c. pressure necrosis.

d. burns under sensors.

37. The nurse is teaching a mother how to perform chest physical therapy and postural drainage on her 3-year-old child, who has cystic fibrosis. To perform percussion, the nurse should instruct her to:

a. cover the skin with a shirt or gown before percussing.

b. strike the chest wall with a flat-hand position.

c. percuss over the entire trunk anteriorly and posteriorly.

d. percuss before positioning for postural drainage.

38. The nurse must suction a child with a tracheostomy. Interventions should include:

a. encouraging child to cough to raise the secretions before suctioning.

b. selecting a catheter with diameter three fourths as large as the diameter of the tracheostomy tube.

c. ensuring each pass of the suction catheter should take no longer than 5 seconds.

d. allowing child to rest after every five times the suction catheter is passed.

39. When administering a gavage feeding to a school-age child, the nurse should:

a. lubricate the tip of the feeding tube with Vaseline to facilitate passage.

b. check the placement of the tube by inserting 20 ml of sterile water.

c. administer feedings over 5 to 10 minutes.

d. position on right side after administering feeding.

40. A child is receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN; hyperalimentation). At the end of 8 hours, the nurse observes the solution and notes that 200 ml/8 hr is being infused rather than the ordered amount of 300 ml/8 hr. The nurse should adjust the rate so that how much will infuse during the next 8 hours?

a. 200 ml

b. 300 ml

c. 350 ml

d. 400 ml



31. Several types of long-term central venous access devices used. : 1361518

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