31. The best chance of survival for a child with : 1361528

31. The best chance of survival for a child with : 1361528.


31. The best chance of survival for a child with cirrhosis is:

a. liver transplantation.

b. treatment with corticosteroids.

c. treatment with immune globulin.

d. provision of nutritional support.

32. A nurse is admitting an infant with biliary atresia. Which is the earliest clinical manifestation of biliary atresia the nurse should expect to assess?

a. Jaundice

b. Vomiting

c. Hepatomegaly

d. Absence of stooling

33. A newborn was admitted to the nursery with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate. The physician explained the plan of therapy and its expected good results. However, the mother refuses to see or hold her baby. Initial therapeutic approach to the mother should be:

a. restating what the physician has told her about plastic surgery.

b. encouraging her to express her feelings.

c. emphasizing the normalcy of her baby and the baby’s need for mothering.

d. recognizing that negative feelings toward the child continue throughout childhood.

34. Caring for the newborn with a cleft lip and palate before surgical repair includes:

a. gastrostomy feedings.

b. keeping infant in near-horizontal position during feedings.

c. allowing little or no sucking.

d. providing satisfaction of sucking needs.

35. A mother who intended to breastfeed has given birth to an infant with a cleft palate. Nursing interventions should include:

a. giving medication to suppress lactation.

b. encouraging and helping mother to breastfeed.

c. teaching mother to feed breast milk by gavage.

d. recommending use of a breast pump to maintain lactation until infant can suck.

36. The nurse is caring for an infant whose cleft lip was repaired. Important aspects of this infant’s postoperative care include:

a. arm restraints, postural drainage, mouth irrigations.

b. cleansing the suture line, supine and side-lying positions, arm restraints.

c. mouth irrigations, prone position, cleansing suture line.

d. supine and side-lying positions, postural drainage, arm restraints.

37. During the first few days after surgery for cleft lip, which intervention should the nurse do?

a. Leave infant in crib at all times to prevent suture strain.

b. Keep infant heavily sedated to prevent suture strain.

c. Remove restraints periodically to cuddle infant.

d. Alternate position from prone to side-lying to supine.

38. The nurse is caring for a neonate with a suspected tracheoesophageal fistula. Nursing care should include:

a. elevating the head but give nothing by mouth.

b. elevating the head for feedings.

c. feeding glucose water only.

d. avoiding suctioning unless infant is cyanotic.

39. Which type of hernia has an impaired blood supply to the herniated organ?

a. Hiatal hernia

b. Incarcerated hernia

c. Omphalocele

d. Strangulated hernia

40. Pyloric stenosis can best be described as:

a. dilation of the pylorus.

b. hypertrophy of the pyloric muscle.

c. hypotonicity of the pyloric muscle.

d. reduction of tone in the pyloric muscle.



31. The best chance of survival for a child with : 1361528

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