31. The nurse talking to the parent of a 13-month-old : 1361511

31. The nurse talking to the parent of a 13-month-old : 1361511.


31. The nurse is talking to the parent of a 13-month-old child. The mother states, “My child does not make noises like ‘da’ or ‘na’ like my sister’s baby, who is only 9 months old.” Which statement by the nurse would be most appropriate to make?

a. “I am going to request a referral to a hearing specialist.”

b. “You should not compare your child to your sister’s child.”

c. “I think your child is fine, but we will check again in 3 months.”

d. “You should ask other parents what noises their children made at this age.”

32. A nurse is preparing to perform a dressing change on a 6-year-old child with mild cognitive impairment (CI) who sustained a minor burn. Which strategy should the nurse use to prepare the child for this procedure?

a. Verbally explain what will be done.

b. Have the child watch a video on dressing changes.

c. Demonstrate a dressing change on a doll.

d. Explain the importance of keeping the burn area clean.

33. Parents of a child with Down syndrome ask the nurse about techniques for introducing solid food to their 8-month-old child’s diet. The nurse should give the parents which priority instruction?

a. It is too early to add solids; the parents should wait for 2 to 3 months.

b. A small but long, straight-handled spoon should be used to push the food toward the back and side of the mouth.

c. If the child thrusts the food out, the feeding should be stopped.

d. Solids should be offered only three times a day.

34. A child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. The nurse should plan which priority intervention when caring for the child?

a. Maintain a structured routine and keep stimulation to a minimum.

b. Place child in a room with a roommate of the same age.

c. Maintain frequent touch and eye contact with the child.

d. Take the child frequently to the playroom to play with other children.


1. Autism is a complex developmental disorder. The diagnostic criteria for autism include delayed or abnormal functioning in which areas with onset before age 3 years? (Select all that apply.)

a. Language as used in social communication

b. Parallel play

c. Gross motor development

d. Growth below the 5th percentile for height and weight

e. Symbolic or imaginative play

f. Social interaction

2. Which assessment findings indicate to the nurse a child has Down syndrome? (Select all that apply.)

a. High arched narrow palate

b. Protruding tongue

c. Long, slender fingers

d. Transverse palmar crease

e. Hypertonic muscle tone

3. Which expected appearance will the nurse explain to parents of an infant returning from surgery after an enucleation was performed to treat retinoblastoma? (Select all that apply.)

a. A lot of drainage will come from the affected socket.

b. The face may be edematous or ecchymotic.

c. The eyelids will be sutured shut for the first week.

d. There will be an eye pad dressing taped over the surgical site.

e. The implanted sphere is covered with conjunctiva and resembles the lining of the mouth.

4. A nurse is instructing a nursing assistant on techniques to facilitate lip reading with a hearing-impaired child who lip reads. Which techniques should the nurse include? (Select all that apply.)

a. Speak at eye level.

b. Stand at a distance from the child.

c. Speak words in a loud tone.

d. Use facial expressions while speaking.

e. Keep sentences short.



31. The nurse talking to the parent of a 13-month-old : 1361511

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