31. When caring for the child with Reye syndrome, the : 1361548

31. When caring for the child with Reye syndrome, the : 1361548.


31. When caring for the child with Reye syndrome, the priority nursing intervention should be to:

a. monitor intake and output.

b. prevent skin breakdown.

c. observe for petechiae.

d. do range-of-motion exercises.

32. A young child’s parents call the nurse after their child was bitten by a raccoon in the woods. The nurse’s recommendation should be based on which statement?

a. Child should be hospitalized for close observation.

b. No treatment is necessary if thorough wound cleaning is done.

c. Antirabies prophylaxis must be initiated.

d. Antirabies prophylaxis must be initiated if clinical manifestations appear.

33. A child is brought to the emergency department after experiencing a seizure at school. There is no previous history of seizures. The father tells the nurse that he cannot believe the child has epilepsy. The nurse’s best response is:

a. “Epilepsy is easily treated.”

b. “Very few children have actual epilepsy.”

c. “The seizure may or may not mean that your child has epilepsy.”

d. “Your child has had only one convulsion; it probably won’t happen again.”

34. Which type of seizure involves both hemispheres of the brain?

a. Focal

b. Partial

c. Generalized

d. Acquired

35. Which is the initial clinical manifestation of generalized seizures?

a. Being confused

b. Feeling frightened

c. Losing consciousness

d. Seeing flashing lights

36. Which of the following types of seizures may be difficult to detect?

a. Absence

b. Generalized

c. Simple partial

d. Complex partial

37. An important nursing intervention when caring for a child who is experiencing a seizure would be to:

a. describe and record the seizure activity observed.

b. restrain the child when seizure occurs to prevent bodily harm.

c. place a tongue blade between the teeth if they become clenched.

d. suction the child during a seizure to prevent aspiration.

38. A 10-year-old child, without a history of previous seizures, experiences a tonic-clonic seizure at school. Breathing is not impaired, but some postictal confusion occurs. The most appropriate initial action by the school nurse is to:

a. stay with child and have someone call emergency medical service (EMS).

b. notify parent and regular practitioner.

c. notify parent that child should go home.

d. stay with child, offering calm reassurance.

39. A child has been seizure-free for 2 years. A father asks the nurse how much longer the child will need to take the antiseizure medications. The nurse includes which intervention in the response?

a. Medications can be discontinued at this time.

b. The child will need to take the drugs for 5 years after the last seizure.

c. A step-wise approach will be used to reduce the dosage gradually.

d. Seizure disorders are a lifelong problem. Medications cannot be discontinued.

40. Children taking phenobarbital (phenobarbital sodium) and/or phenytoin (Dilantin) may experience a deficiency of:

a. calcium.

b. vitamin C.

c. fat-soluble vitamins.

d. vitamin D and folic acid.



31. When caring for the child with Reye syndrome, the : 1361548

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