31. When isotretinoin (Accutane) indicated for the treatment of acne : 1361557

31. When isotretinoin (Accutane) indicated for the treatment of acne : 1361557.


31. When is isotretinoin (Accutane) indicated for the treatment of acne during adolescence?

a. The acne has not responded to other treatments.

b. The adolescent is or may become pregnant.

c. The adolescent is unable to give up foods causing acne.

d. Frequent washing with antibacterial soap has been unsuccessful.

32. A child experiences frostbite of the fingers after prolonged exposure to the cold. Which intervention should the nurse implement first?

a. Rapid rewarming of the fingers by placing in warm water

b. Placing the hand in cool water

c. Slow rewarming by wrapping in warm cloth

d. Using an ice pack to keep cold until medical intervention is possible

33. Which best describes a full-thickness (third-degree) burn?

a. Erythema and pain

b. Skin showing erythema followed by blister formation

c. Destruction of all layers of skin evident with extension into subcutaneous tissue

d. Destruction injury involving underlying structures such as muscle, fascia, and bone

34. A child is admitted with extensive burns. The nurse notes that there are burns on the child’s lips and singed nasal hairs. The nurse should suspect that the child has a(n):

a. chemical burn.

b. inhalation injury.

c. electrical burn.

d. hot-water scald.

35. Which explains physiologically the edema formation that occurs with burns?

a. Vasoconstriction

b. Decreased capillary permeability

c. Increased capillary permeability

d. Decreased hydrostatic pressure within capillaries

36. The most immediate threat to life in children with thermal injuries is:

a. shock.

b. anemia.

c. local infection.

d. systemic sepsis.

37. After the acute stage and during the healing process, the primary complication from burn injury is:

a. asphyxia.

b. shock.

c. renal shutdown.

d. infection.

38. An adolescent girl is cooking on a gas stove when her bathrobe catches fire. Her father smothers the flames with a rug and calls an ambulance. She has sustained major burns over much of her body. Which is important in her immediate care?

a. Wrap her in a blanket until help arrives.

b. Encourage her to drink clear liquids.

c. Place her in a tub of cool water.

d. Remove her burned clothing and jewelry.

39. A young child has sustained a minor burn to the foot. Which is recommended for treatment of a minor burn?

a. Apply ice to foot.

b. Apply cortisone ointment.

c. Apply an occlusive dressing.

d. Cleanse the wound with a mild soap and tepid water.

40. A toddler sustains a minor burn on the hand from hot coffee. Which is the first action the nurse should recommend in treating this burn?

a. Apply ice to burned area.

b. Hold burned area under cool running water.

c. Break any blisters with a sterile needle.

d. Cleanse wound with soap and warm water.



31. When isotretinoin (Accutane) indicated for the treatment of acne : 1361557

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