32.  Mrs. Stewart watches as Jimmie, one of her kindergartners, : 1200660

32.  Mrs. Stewart watches as Jimmie, one of her kindergartners, : 1200660.


32.  Mrs. Stewart watches as Jimmie, one of her kindergartners, puts an art paper in his folder.  He then begins to straighten up the paints and brushes in the art area, and in the process, he tips over a baby-food-sized jar of paint onto the tabletop.  Of the following, which would be Mrs. Stewart’s best response to Jimmie’s initiative, using Erikson’s work as your basis for answering?

a.“Jimmie, I think you were doing a very nice job of straightening up our art area.  It certainly needed it. Clean up the paint now, and then you can go back to your seat.”

b.“Jimmie, I really appreciate your attempt to clean up the art area.  It certainly needed it.  Go back to your seat now while I clean this up.”

c.“Jimmie, I know our art area certainly needs cleaning up, and I appreciate your attempt to do it, but remember our rule that says we don’t play with the materials until we’re given permission to do so.”

d.“Jimmie, I really appreciate your attempt to clean up our art area, but you must be careful when you do it, so that you don’t spill the paint.  Please return to your seat now while I clean this up.”


33.  Natasha has questions about her own ability and exhibits a lack of confidence with respect to her competence.  Based on this information, which of the following psychosocial stages has she least likely resolved?

a.Autonomy vs. shame and doubt

b.Initiative vs. guilt

c.Industry vs. inferiority

d.Trust vs. mistrust


34.  Kelly Reed, 32, is an interesting person.  She has been married for 8 years, and her husband often comments on how unselfish and giving she is.  She works for an industrial real estate firm and is progressing nicely in her career.  Her boss has praised her for her progress and her tendency to be a “self-starter.”

On the other hand, Kelly is very jealous of her husband and thinks he may even cheat on her, although she has no evidence to support the feeling.  She thinks her boss “blows smoke at her” and is trying to take advantage—professionally only; no personal advances.  Based on this information and Erikson’s theory, which of the following crises has Kelly least well resolved?

a.Trust vs. mistrust

b.Initiative vs. guilt

c.Industry vs. inferiority

d.Intimacy vs. isolation


35.  Amanda has learned to walk and seems very pleased with herself.  She runs to her mother, falls into her arms, and then runs away again.  She seems to love going to the store, because she is allowed to walk beside her mother without having her hand held.  This scenario best illustrates which of the following stages of psychosocial development?

a.Trust vs. mistrust

b.Autonomy vs. doubt

c.Initiative vs. guilt

d.Industry vs. inferiority







Use the following information for items 36 and 37.


You have an eighth grader who you can’t seem to “get going.”  He never volunteers a response in class and won’t agree to do special projects unless required.  However, the required work that is turned in is always acceptable or better in quality, and his past records show that he has been an average to above-average student.  He also is a good, “normal” boy who seems to relate well to his classmates.  Overall, he doesn’t seem unhappy.


36.Which of the following would be the best explanation of the boy’s behavior according to Erikson?

a.He didn’t successfully resolve the initiative vs. guilt crisis, and the guilt feelings are dealt with by doing only what others ask of him and no more.

b.He, being at the age of the identity vs. confusion crisis, is not developing a sense of identity and as a result shows his listlessness in class.

c.He didn’t successfully resolve the industry vs. inferiority crisis and as a result of his feelings of inferiority compensates by not trying.

d.He hasn’t developed a sense of autonomy and because he doubts himself, he won’t try to accomplish anything in school.


37.  According to Erikson, the best action for you as a teacher working with the boy would be to:

a.talk to him, discuss what he wants to be and as a result of your genuine caring help him develop a sense of identity.

b.show personal interest in him and strongly reward his successes in order to help him increase his sense of self-worth.

c.strongly reward anything he undertakes on his own. Play down failures that might result.

d.encourage other reliable and outgoing students to include him in group work to help him develop a sense of trust in other people.


38.  As a fifth-grade teacher, your best application of Erikson’s theory would be to:

a.Help the children experience as much success as possible to help them develop a sense of accomplishment.

b.Help children begin to develop a sense of identity because they will soon experience the identity vs. confusion crisis.

c.Encourage children in developing peer relations to overcome the egocentricity of fifth graders.

d.Help children develop a basic sense of trust, for without it a person cannot move to the next stage of development.


39.  Which of the following statements best represents the psychosocial crisis of identity vs. confusion?

a.“Sometimes I think I would like to settle down with Jerry, but I’m not sure I want to give up my lifestyle.”

b.“Oh, I don’t know.  Someday I’ll figure out who I am.”

c.“I’ve never been able to do this stuff.  I’m just no good at it.”

d.“If we don’t worry about what’s happening to these kids, who will?”


40.  Mr. Jones, 42, is a hard worker and enjoys a reputation as an innovator in his company.  However, he is rarely home, is nearly estranged from his wife, and as a result spends little time with his children, although he always encourages them to do well and tries to be a good model for them, so they will “make it in life.”  He usually stops by the local hangout on the way home from work each day, “for a little bracer before I face the music,” he grins self-consciously.  Of the following, the best description of his behavior would be an imperfect resolution of which crisis?

a.Trust vs. mistrust

b.Initiative vs. guilt

c.Identity vs. confusion

d.Intimacy vs. isolation


41.  Karen has a good “grip on life.”  She accepts herself for what she is and recognizes and accepts her strengths and weaknesses.  She feels a sense of satisfaction in what she is as well as what she has accomplished.  Erikson would describe this as best illustrating a positive resolution of which of the following crises?

a.Industry vs. inferiority

b.Intimacy vs. isolation

c.Generativity vs. stagnation

d.Integrity vs. despair




32.  Mrs. Stewart watches as Jimmie, one of her kindergartners, : 1200660

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