36.The teacher whose students most need to develop a sense : 1200585

36.The teacher whose students most need to develop a sense : 1200585.


36.The teacher whose students most need to develop a sense of industry and self-assurance is:






37. Which of the following best describes the relationship between effective classroom management and effective instruction?

a.Classroom management and effective instruction are interdependent. It is virtually impossible to have one without the other.

b.Effective instruction depends on effective classroom management, but effective classroom management does not necessarily depend on effective instruction.

c.Effective classroom management depends on effective instruction, but effective instruction does not necessarily depend on effective classroom management.

d.Classroom management and effective instruction are not related to each other. Some teachers are effective managers but ineffective instructors and vice versa.


Use the following vignette for items 38 and 39.


Four first-year teachers are planning for the beginning of the school year.

Justin McCall, nervous about classroom management, carefully plans a system of rules and procedures that he will use to begin his class.

Julia Winters, confident in her knowledge of content, believes that she will be an effective enough teacher that classroom management won’t be an issue, so she spends little time planning.

Joe Weiss is a veteran of the business world who has just gotten into teaching. Because he has considerable experience working with people, he spends his time learning the school policies and setting up his computer to make his grading and reporting as efficient as possible.

Angela Boyer eagerly anticipates her first day, but being new, she is somewhat uneasy, so she carefully prepares both her rules and procedures and her first week’s lessons.


38.The teacher who is least likely to have classroom management problems is:






39.The teacher who is most likely to have classroom management problems is:






40.Research indicates that classroom management is the biggest concern facing beginning teachers. As a beginning teacher, which of the following is likely to be most effective for reducing classroom management problems?

a.Being committed, such as telling the students that you care about them and that you’re committed to their learning

b.Being well organized, such as having your materials ready and giving the students an exercise to complete while you take roll

c.Demonstrating competence, such as describing your background for the students, so they’ll have confidence in your teaching ability

d.Involving students, such as organizing your class into cooperative groups the first day


41.Organization as an essential teaching skill includes all except which of the following?

a.Starting on time

b.Preparing materials in advance

c.Establishing routines and procedures

d.Creating a personalized physical environment


42.Judy Bishop, an eighth-grade math teacher, typically spends about five minutes at the beginning of the period, taking roll and gathering the materials she will use for the day. When she has her materials ready, she says, “All right everyone, look up here, and let’s begin.”

Carola Rodriguez, one of  Judy’s colleagues, has her materials waiting on her desk and has an assignment waiting for students as they enter the room. The students immediately begin the assignment, since they’re used to having an assignment on the board every day. Carola watches the students as they complete the assignment, they briefly discuss it, and she moves into the day’s topic. Based on this information, which of the following conclusions is most valid?

a.Judy is a more effective teacher than is Carola.

b.Carola is a more effective teacher than is Judy.

c.Judy has a more productive learning environment than does Carola.

d.Carola is better organized than is Judy.


43.Every day students in Mr. Yan’s math class come into class and check their homework independently.  After students have checked their homework, Mr. Yan goes over the problems that students missed.  This component of Mr. Yan’s math class best illustrates:

a.classroom rules.

b.assertive communication.


d.classroom discipline


44.Which of the following is not advisable regarding the establishment of classroom rules?

a.Include student input into the development of rules and procedures.

b.Rules should always be generated by the teacher.

c.State rules positively.

d.Use concrete examples to illustrate rules and procedures.


45.Which of the following are the cornerstones of an effective classroom management system?

a.The combination of a cognitive and a behavioral approach to management

b.A well-defined set of logical consequences and desists

c.A caring and democratic teacher

d.A clear system of rules and procedures




36.The teacher whose students most need to develop a sense : 1200585

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