41. A parent of a child with major burns asks : 1361558

41. A parent of a child with major burns asks : 1361558.


41. A parent of a child with major burns asks the nurse why a high-calorie and high-protein diet is prescribed. Which response should the nurse make?

a. The diet promotes growth.

b. The diet will improve appetite.

c. The diet will diminish risks of stress-induced hyperglycemia.

d. The diet will avoid protein breakdown.

42. Fentanyl and midazolam (Versed) are given before débridement of a child’s burn wounds. Which is the rationale for administration of these medications?

a. Promote healing.

b. Prevent infection.

c. Provide pain relief.

d. Limit amount of débridement that will be necessary.

43. Nitrous oxide is being administered to a child with extensive burn injuries. Which is the purpose of this medication?

a. Promote healing.

b. Prevent infection.

c. Provide anesthesia.

d. Improve urinary output.

44. Hydrotherapy is required to treat a child with extensive partial-thickness burn wounds. Which is the primary purpose of hydrotherapy?

a. Débride the wounds.

b. Increase peripheral blood flow.

c. Provide pain relief.

d. Destroy bacteria on the skin.

45. A child with extensive burns requires débridement. The nurse should anticipate which priority goal related to this procedure?

a. Reduce pain.

b. Prevent bleeding.

c. Maintain airway.

d. Restore fluid balance.

46. Biologic dressings are applied to a child with partial-thickness burns of both legs. Which nursing intervention should be implemented?

a. Observing wounds for bleeding

b. Observing wounds for signs of infection

c. Monitoring closely for signs of shock

d. Splinting legs to prevent movement

47. Which is one of the first signs of overwhelming sepsis in a child with burn injuries?

a. Seizures

b. Bradycardia

c. Disorientation

d. Decreased blood pressure

48. Which is an effective strategy to reduce the stress of burn dressing procedures?

a. Give child as many choices as possible.

b. Reassure child that dressing changes are not painful.

c. Explain to child why analgesics cannot be used.

d. Encourage child to master stress with controlled passivity.

49. Which is an important consideration for the nurse when changing dressings and applying topical medication to a child’s abdomen and leg burns?

a. Apply topical medication with clean hands.

b. Wash hands and forearms before and after dressing change.

c. If dressings adhere to the wound, soak in hot water before removal.

d. Apply dressing so that movement is limited during the healing process.

50. The family of a 4-month-old infant will be vacationing at the beach. Which should the nurse teach the family about exposure of the infant to the sun?

a. Use sun block on the infant’s nose and ear tips.

b. Use topical sunscreen product with a sun protective factor of 15.

c. The infant can be exposed to the sun for 15-minute increments.

d. Keep the infant in total shade at all times.

51. A nurse is teaching a parent of an infant about treatment of seborrhea dermatitis (cradle cap). Which should the nurse include in the instructions?

a. Shampoo every three days with a mild soap.

b. The hair should be shampooed with a medicated shampoo.

c. Shampoo every day with an antiseborrheic shampoo.

d. The loosened crusts should not be removed with a fine-toothed comb.

52. The nurse is teaching parents of toddlers about animal safety. Which should be included in the teaching session?

a. Petting dogs in the neighborhood should be encouraged to prevent fear of dogs.

b. The toddler is safe to approach an animal if the animal is chained.

c. It is permissible for your toddler to feed treats to a dog.

d. Teach your toddler not to disturb an animal that is eating.

53. A school nurse assesses a case of tinea capitis (ringworm) on a 6-year-old child. Which figure depicts the characteristic lesion of tinea capitis?


41. A parent of a child with major burns asks : 1361558

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