41. In preparing to give “enemas until clear” to a : 1361519

41. In preparing to give “enemas until clear” to a : 1361519.


41. In preparing to give “enemas until clear” to a young child, the nurse should select which solution?

a. Tap water

b. Normal saline

c. Oil retention

d. Fleet solution

42. The nurse is doing a prehospitalization orientation for a 7-year-old child who is scheduled for cardiac surgery. As part of the preparation, the nurse explains that she will not be able to talk because of an endotracheal tube but that she will be able to talk when it is removed. This explanation is:

a. unnecessary.

b. the surgeon’s responsibility.

c. too stressful for a young child.

d. an appropriate part of the child’s preparation.


1. The advantages of the ventrogluteal muscle as an injection site in young children include which considerations? (Select all that apply.)

a. Less painful than vastus lateralis

b. Free of important nerves and vascular structures

c. Cannot be used when child reaches a weight of 20 pounds

d. Increased subcutaneous fat, which increases drug absorption

e. Easily identified by major landmarks

2. A nurse is caring for a child in droplet precautions. Which instructions should the nurse give to the unlicensed assistive personnel caring for this child? (Select all that apply.)

a. Wear gloves when entering the room.

b. Wear an isolation gown when entering the room.

c. Place the child in a special air handling and ventilation room.

d. A mask should be worn only when holding the child.

e. Wash your hands upon exiting the room.


1. A child with congestive heart failure is placed on a maintenance dosage of digoxin (Lanoxin). The dosage is 0.07 mg/kg/day, and the child’s weight is 7.2 kg. The physician prescribes the digoxin to be given once a day by mouth. Each dose will be _____ milligrams. (Record your answer below using one decimal place.)

2. A physician’s prescription reads, “ampicillin sodium 125 mg IV every 6 hours.” The medication label reads, “1 g = 7.4 ml.” A nurse prepares to draw up _____ milliliters to administer one dose. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)


1. A 6-month-old infant is admitted to the pediatric unit with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The nurse places the infant on strict intake and output. The infant is in a size #2 diaper and the dry weight is 24 g. At the end of the shift, the infant has had two diapers with urine. One diaper weighed 56 g and one weighed 65 g. What is the total milliliter output for the shift? (Record your answer as a whole number below.)


1. The nurse is preparing to insert a nasogastric tube into a 4-year-old child for intermittent suctioning after abdominal surgery. Place in correct sequence the steps for inserting a nasogastric tube. Provide answer using lowercase letters separated by commas (e.g., a, b, c, d, e, f).

a. Lubricate the nasogastric tube with water-soluble lubricant.

b. Tape the nasogastric tube securely to the child’s face.

c. Check the placement of the tube by aspirating stomach contents.

d. Place the child in the supine position with head slightly hyperflexed.

e. Insert the nasogastric tube through the nares.

f. Measure the tube from the tip of the nose to the ear lobe to midpoint between the xiphoid process and the umbilicus.



41. In preparing to give “enemas until clear” to a : 1361519

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