41) Management of renal failure involves restriction of water and : 1200390

41) Management of renal failure involves restriction of water and : 1200390.


41) Management of renal failure involves restriction of water and salt intake and regulating daily caloric intake. This approach helps to lessen the strain on the urinary system by

A) maximizing the volume of urine produced.

B) preventing any increase in blood plasma pH.

C) preventing the generation of large quantities of nitrogenous waste products.

D) increasing dietary protein intake.

E) preventing the excretion of any organic waste products.

42) Which of the following is a direct effect of sympathetic activation on kidney function?

A) powerful vasodilation of afferent arterioles

B) increased production of filtrate

C) powerful vasoconstriction of efferent arterioles

D) powerful vasodilation of efferent arterioles

E) decreased glomerular filtration rate

43) If the peripheral capillary beds become constricted,

A) blood flow into the efferent arteriole will increase.

B) blood pressure in the renal arteries will increase.

C) GFR will increase.

D) vasodilation of the efferent arteriole will occur.

E) the sensation of thirst will be inhibited.

44) Which of the following is aldosterone able to affect?

A) regulation of body fluid concentration along the distal convoluted tubule and collecting duct

B) osmotic flow of water in the proximal convoluted tubule

C) removal of wastes through the entire renal tubule

D) pH regulation

E) formation of plasma proteins

45) When the level of ADH (antidiuretic hormone) increases,

A) the rate of sodium ion reabsorption in the DCT decreases.

B) less urine is produced.

C) less water is reabsorbed by the nephron and collecting duct.

D) the water content of urine increases.

E) the sensation of thirst is inhibited.

46) In response to decreased levels of aldosterone, the kidneys would likely produce

A) a normal volume of urine.

B) urine with a higher concentration of sodium ions.

C) urine with a lower concentration of potassium ions.

D) urine with a normal pH average of 6.

E) urine with less urea.

47) The micturition reflex center consists of afferent sensory fibers in the pelvic nerves, which carry the resulting impulses to the

A) hypothalamus.

B) medulla oblongata.

C) pons.

D) lumbar spinal cord.

E) sacral spinal cord.

48) Inflammation of the lining of the bladder is called ________.

A) cystitis

B) pyelitis

C) urethritis

D) nephrolithiasis

E) nephritis

49) The ureters and urinary bladder are lined by

A) stratified squamous epithelium.

B) pseudostratified columnar epithelium.

C) simple cuboidal epithelium.

D) transitional epithelium.

E) simple columnar epithelium.

50) The term incontinence refers to the

A) inability to void (expel) urine.

B) inability to control urination voluntarily.

C) inability to control kidney function.

D) process of urinating.

E) process of urine production.



41) Management of renal failure involves restriction of water and : 1200390

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