41.Mel and Tina were discussing student assessment in the teachers’ : 1200615

41.Mel and Tina were discussing student assessment in the teachers’ : 1200615.


41.Mel and Tina were discussing student assessment in the teachers’ lounge.  Tina argued that multiple-choice items are ineffective because they can assess only lower-level learning.  Mel suggested that multiple-choice items were more reliable than essay items.  Of the following, which is the best conclusion we can make about these teachers’ statements?

a.Both Tina and Mel are correct.

b.Neither Tina nor Mel is correct.

c.Tina is correct, but Mel is incorrect.

d.Mel is correct, but Tina is incorrect.


42.  Abia found that several items on his final biology exam, which was composed of multiple-choice items, had cues in them.  For example, in some items the correct response was much longer than the other distracters. In others the correct answer was written in more technical terms than were the distracters. Of the following, what will be the most likely result of this test flaw?

a.Reliability will be unaffected, and validity will decrease.

b.Validity will increase, and reliability will decrease.

c.Reliability will increase, and validity will be unaffected.

d.Both reliability and validity will decrease.


43.Consider the following test item.

Formative tests:

1.are given at the beginning of instruction.

2.are given at any time during instruction.

3.are given at the end of instruction.

4.are given when the teacher wants diagnostic information.


Based on guidelines for preparing multiple-choice items, which of the following is the most valid assessment of the item?

a.The item is appropriate as written.

b.More information should be included in the stem, so a clear problem or question is presented.

c.The stem should be written in the form of a question rather than as an incomplete statement.

d.The item is inappropriate for the multiple-choice format, and should be rewritten as a completion item.


44.Consider the following test item.

T FTrue/false items tend to measure higher-level cognitive skills and are objective to score.


Which of the following best describes the major flaw in the item?

a.The content measured in the items is not important.

b.The item is trivial and doesn’t challenge the students.

c.The item contains two ideas—one false and one true.

d.The statement is inappropriately long for a true/false item.


45.Consider the following test item.

_____ and _____ are two of the important requirements for a test.


Based on the guidelines for preparing completion items, which of the following is the most valid assessment of the item?

a.The item is appropriate as written.

b. The item measures content that is inappropriate for the completion format. A multiple-choice format would be more effective.

c. The statement should be made first, and the blanks should follow at the end of the statement.

d.The item should contain only one blank that is related to the main point of the statement.




Use the three test items that follow for items 46-48.


A.Explain the process of photosynthesis in green plants.


B.The largest country is South America is _________________________ .


C. The sentence that contains a participle is:

a.Running is very good for you.

b.To run you need to be in good physical condition.

c.I am running about 20 miles a week.

d.Look at the running girl.


46. Of the three, the format that is considered to be the most objective is:





47.Of the three, the format that is popular with teachers because it appears to be easy to write is:





48.Consider the cognitive level of items B and C.  According to patterns in the middle school and secondary schools, which of the following is most likely?

a.The level of Item B is more common than the level of Item C.

b.The level of Item C is more common than the level of Item B.

c.The levels of the two items are about equally common.


49.Tom Evans gives a multiple-choice test to his biology students, and he is also careful to be certain that his test is consistent with his goals.  As it turns out, Tom unintentionally writes the stem of one of the items in a misleading way, so that the students select a distracter rather than the correct answer, even though they understand the concept being measured with the item.  Of the following, which is the most accurate statement?

a.The item is reliable but not valid.

b.The item is valid but not reliable.

c.The item is both valid and reliable.

d.The item is neither valid nor reliable.


50.One way to increase the effectiveness of matching test items is to:

a.use them only for vocabulary assessment.

b.have the same number of stems and options.

c.allow answers to be matched more than one time.

d.use them only for knowledge-level outcomes.




41.Mel and Tina were discussing student assessment in the teachers’ : 1200615

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