41. Substrate level phosphorylation occurs in A. Glycolysis and electron : 1180184

41. Substrate level phosphorylation occurs in A. Glycolysis and electron : 1180184.



41.  Substrate level phosphorylation occurs in  
A.  Glycolysis and electron transport chain
B.  Photosynthesis and glycolysis
C.  Glycolysis and Krebs cycle
D.  Krebs cycle and electron transport chain
E.  All of the choices are correct



42.  The majority of reduced NAD is produced in  
A.  Glycolysis
B.  Krebs cycle
C.  Electron transport chain
D.  Photosynthesis
E.  None of the choices are correct



43.  In bacterial cells, the electron transport system is located in the  
A.  Cell membrane
B.  Mitochondria
C.  Chloroplasts
D.  Ribosomes
E.  Cytoplasm



44.  Each NADH that enters the electron transport system gives rise to _____ ATP.  
A.  2
B.  3
C.  24
D.  36
E.  38



45.  As the electron transport carriers shuttle electrons, they actively pump _____ into the outer membrane compartment setting up a concentration gradient called the proton motive force.  
B.  Phosphate
C.  Hydrogen ions
D.  Oxygen



46.  The redox carriers of the electron transport chain that have a tightly bound metal atom responsible for accepting and donating electrons are  
D.  The cytochromes
E.  The flavoproteins



47.  Each FADH2 from the Krebs cycle enters the electron transport system and gives rise to _____ ATP’s.  
A.  1
B.  2
C.  3
D.  4
E.  5



48.  In which pathway is the most NADH generated?  
A.  Electron transport system
B.  Krebs cycle
C.  Glycolysis
D.  Alcoholic fermentation
E.  Mixed acid fermentation



49.  During which of the phases of cellular respiration is the majority of ATP formed?  
A.  Electron transport
B.  Krebs cycle
C.  Glycolysis
D.  Processing of pyruvic acid for the Krebs cycle
E.  All phases produce the same number of ATP molecules



50.  In bacterial cells, when glucose is completely oxidized by all the pathways of aerobic cellular respiration, what is the maximum number of ATP generated?  
A.  2 ATP
B.  3 ATP
C.  24 ATP
D.  36 ATP
E.  38 ATP



41. Substrate level phosphorylation occurs in A. Glycolysis and electron : 1180184

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