41.The process used when a behavior strengthened with the removal : 1200699

41.The process used when a behavior strengthened with the removal : 1200699.


41.The process used when a behavior is strengthened with the removal of an aversive stimulus is:

a.positive reinforcement.

b.negative reinforcement.

c.presentation punishment.

d.removal punishment.


42.You get into your car and turn the ignition key.  The seat belt buzzer goes off, you fasten your seat belt, and the buzzer stops buzzing.  Of the following, fastening your seat belt best illustrates a behavior resulting from:

a.positive reinforcement.

b.negative reinforcement.

c.presentation punishment.

d.classical conditioning.





43.A major city developed a plan to increase car pooling among its citizens.  According to the plan, any car with three or more people in it was allowed to pass through toll booths without paying the toll.  The plan worked; car pooling increased.  The plan is best described as an application of:


b.removal punishment.


d.negative reinforcement.


44.You have had a heavy workout, and your muscles are achy and tired. You take some pain reliever to ease your discomfort. Of the following, taking the pain reliever best illustrates a behavior resulting from:


b.negative reinforcement.

c.presentation punishment.

d.removal punishment.


45.When the students in the class sit without asking questions, Mr. Glen stops and just stares at them until someone asks a question.  He then stops staring at them. He is attempting to apply which of the following to increase question-asking behavior?

a.Positive reinforcement

b.Negative reinforcement

c.Presentation punishment

d.Removal punishment


46.Glen and Bill like to extort lunch money from some of the smaller kids in the class.  One morning before school they caught Rick and said threateningly, “C’mon, wimp, hand it over,” as one stood on each side of him.  Rick shook his head, no, but Glen and Bill started pushing him around.  Finally, after repeated refusals, Rick handed them the money, and they left. The next week the same thing happened again.  Rick refused and struggled briefly, but then handed them the money with a sigh, and they again left, giving each other “high fives.”  Encountering Glen and Bill again later in the week, Rick faced the inevitable and just handed them his lunch money.  The best explanation for why Rick gives up his lunch money is:

a.he is being punished for giving it up.

b.he is being negatively reinforced for giving it up.

c.giving up the money has become a conditioned response.

d.he has generalized, so he gives up the money.


47. Jason is a chronic talker in Mr. Ayala’s class. Mr. Ayala gave him a referral to the office near the end of the class on Monday, and he gave him another yesterday (Wednesday) about halfway through the class. Jason begins talking at the beginning of the period today, and Mr. Ayala immediately gives him a referral and Jason leaves for the office. The best explanation for Mr. Ayala’s behavior (giving referrals) is:

a.he is being negatively reinforced for giving referrals, since Jason is removed from the class.

b.he is being punished, because Jason is no longer learning.

c.he has developed giving referrals as a conditioned response.

d.he is giving referrals because Jason’s behavior is now extinct.


48.Reinforcing successive approximations of a desired behavior is referred to as:









49.Mrs. Dean’s algebra students typically have a difficult time with word problems, often getting lost in the process.  She wants to keep them from giving up, so when they first start doing them, she gives a point or two on the problem if they just manage to get the problem started.  Later, she requires that they get the problem “set up” correctly in order to get any points.  Mrs. Dean’s procedure is most precisely described as:

a.increasing a behavior through positive reinforcement.

b.increasing a behavior through negative reinforcement.

c.increasing a behavior through variable-ratio reinforcement.

d. increasing a behavior through shaping


50.Of the following, which type of schedule of reinforcement is the most appropriate to use in the classroom because it encourages persistence and high rates of response?








41.The process used when a behavior strengthened with the removal : 1200699

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